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Kik: Batgirl77
Skype: Batgirl77
Please don't message me on these unless we are friends and we rp!

Status: I have had writers block which is causing my book writing to be delayed as well as rping . I just haven't had ideas and am lacking. So please just bear with me if u feel I'm not up to my previous standards. I will get back eventually. I apologize.

I am usually busy. And I if I don't respond back to an Rp within a day please do not take that as I quit the Rp. I promise I will be back. I'm most likely grounded and don't have access to rpr but I will be back ...

However do not let that stop you from messaging me or sending me a friend requests. :) ^_^ i will try my best to get to them quickly.

I have 5 cats and a dog. I have a turtle, a frog, two axlotls and a bearded dragon. I love paranormal creatures!! Werewolves and angels especially!! I love animals except for spiders and snakes. I am home-schooled. I love the color lime green and coral. I love dodge challengers and the 1953 Chevy truck as well as the 1967 Chevy Impala. I don't like mean people. I don't like lots of cussing or brutal violence. I love to read. I love listening to music. My nickname is Chewbacca. Sorry I am not giving out my name until I feel I can trust u. I love the Supernatural tv show as well as the Maze Runner series. I love the Twilight series. I also love the Divergent series and the Hunger Games series. As well I really love the Shadowhunters tv show. I also love the Teen Wolf tv show. I live in the United States.

My rules for rp:
Do not kill or hurt my characters without my consent.
Be patient because I am still new to rping!
I do one liners to a paragraph at a time .
Do NOT leave me hanging in the middle of a rp. Please give me a warning before you leave!
Do NOT talk sexually to me unless we are in a role play.
I do not care how much you type as long as I can work with it and it keeps the story rolling!

Rave Reviews

Chewbacca is amazing. She is freindly kind and sweet. Articlute and insightful with a great sense of humor. We've had converstations go way into the morning. She is a absolute joy to be freinds with. She is a treasure to this community. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - LakotaSiouxWarrior
Chewbacca is a grate rper. They're kind, creative, good to talk to. also very helpful in any ideas that can make think of, with an awesome imagination. it was good that we befriended each other a while ago. i recommend that every one befriend them. i think you'll/ anyone will enjoy rping with her. You're awesome Chewbacca.💐🌹🌷 Kind and understanding Helpful - Optimusprimal99

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