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Greetings. I'm Chibi, Cheebs, or whatever you feel like you wish to call me. I'm a sort of RP veteran in a way, and I've done writing for mods such as Hearts of Minecraft.
My Discord is Chibi Weeb#8550.

RP Schedule
I am typically around on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and my schedule is rather inconsistent for the rest.

When it comes to RP, I'm typically a militaristic type of guy. Most of my characters revolve around warfare in some way, however I also have some experience with more normal types of characters. I'm also incredibly socially awkward, which extends into the online realm as well, so forgive me if my responses outside of RP at first seem rather... lackluster.

I'm a world builder, often creating maps, extra NPCs, and general flavor to make up for my lack of detail when it comes to my character itself. Sadly, the art of the finer detail seems to elude me, but my ability to expand stories beyond the scope of the character is something I personally excel at, at least in my opinion.

Aside from military-based RPs, I tend to a small amount of fluff rp, along with many of my RPs taking place in fantasy settings of my own design.

Work I'm personally proud of
Nathcal Shahen, an ODST I created for an Arma unit
The Nation of Aecor, a project I work on as a member of a mod team
The War of God's Imperialists, a fantasy world with it's own religion

Random Stuff Lol


Rave Reviews

Even though we've been RPing together for a relatively short time I can confidently say that ChibiWeeb is both a good writer and cool as a person. I def recommend RPing with them! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - promqueenK
Want an adventure rp?
With a bit of fantasy?
Chibi is your man!
I just started roleplaying with him and his amazing Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Scarletwolf

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