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I'm ChickenMintNugget. Or MintNugget! [orr just Mint]

I am 18 I enjoy RP a lot! I am also an artist.

I usually do 3+ lines if I can. Depending on my mood you might get a paragraph or a whole novel. I write in a 3rd person perspective as well.
I usually do fantasy, slice of life, romance, horror, drama, etc..
I am okay with shipping and canon OCs deaths. We just gotta both agree in something.
The biggest thing for me is COMMUNICATION. Let's talk and be friendly with one another. Let's create a story- a world together. Let me know if there's anything wrong. It's okay if you're suffering from writer's block or aren't sure what to do next. Just talk to me and we can figure something out :)

Anyway I hope to make some friends.

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