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  • Gender: Cisgender Male
  • Age: 22

I'm not too good with introductions, so I'll go with the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid). I'd like to think I'm really rather flexible in my choice of scenarios, but really I mainly do romance, slice-of-life and some more... NSFW sort of RPs. However, I am looking to break that chain and branch out. I'm always looking for more people to RP with, so please don't be shy!

Also, I just feel like I should say this. I'm poor and can't really commission custom art for my characters, no matter how much I really do care about them. I own none of the art my characters are portrayed with, and even then the pictures are only an "As-Close-As-I-Can-Find" sort of illustration. Kind of like pulling up a picture for the concept of a rocky planet and just being like "Eh, good enough."

Also, have a list now! Read at your own discretion, not all these apply to each/every character.


Rave Reviews

  • I really love role playing with this guy! He adds great detail and really stays to the story! If one character has a dramatic change, he doesnt change the whole story! He sticks to everything as it was before with just slight change around the character! And he is...
    -- Ethlas
  • >_< Looking for someone fun whose charas can splash into just about anything? Well, this is one player who is sure to be like a SNICKERS bar. They satisfy, and how~
    Consider yourself part of the Xenoworlds family, Child_of_Midgard. I hope to see ya back soon~
    -- Xenoworlds_BEYOND

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