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Hey all! So a little about myself... How to condense this...

I've been RPing since before high school. I'm over 21 now (age is just a number, so we don't need to be precise here, right?), so I have some experience. I like short reply messages as well as paragraph length. Given how long I've been doing this, I definitely have more than one character but Thanatos is just a recent inspiration, hence my first one present. I like just about any setting for an rp: medieval, present day, futuristic, show-based, book-based, origional, master/slave, etc. I do not, under any circumstances, play out sexual scenes period. Sorry if that sinks your battleship. Yes, I am also very corny when it comes to jokes but at least you'll never go hungry when I'm around ;) All seriousness though, I welcome PMs/whispers, what have you. The worst I can do is apologize for not being interested, right? I promise to treat you respectfully, if perhaps a tad overly nicely. (I don't think that was proper grammer...) Send me a message if you're curious!

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