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Heya, I'm Chromakin! In case my username is confusing, Chromakin is short for "Chromakinetic" or "chromakinesis", which are related to the manipulation of colour (don't bother looking it up, I made that up)

I'm 19, and I want to have a good time while roleplaying. To me, this means planning and seeing above the character. I want to have at least a bit of an idea where everything's going when roleplaying with someone, and I want them to see me as myself, not as my character. Roleplay may be what sparks the relationship between myself and another person, but I don't want it to be what holds it together. Speak to me, tell me things, I wanna know you.

Feel free to ask me for an RP at any time; I don't often get the opportunity to on other sites because chat-RP tends to be rushed and expeditive (not sure about this term...), and no one ever wants to take the time to actually make a plot.
Since this site is actually about RP, though (well, actually about RP characters, but I'm guessing RP can happen), I think people will be more willing to discuss a plot and such. :P

I will most likely never ask for an RP, however; you have to be the one to ask me, otherwise I'm too shy to ask and I have no ideas. I rarely ever go on MSN, so IM roleplays aren't something that's likely to happen with me... notes/messages/on-site mail or however you call it would be best for me.

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