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This is Guilmon
huehuehuehue kIsSaNImE LOLOLOLOLOLOL

☣️ He is Ilia's cousin ☣️


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Here's to local genius- though we are yet to start our written space rambling, they've already proven to be too damn creative for some to handle- they make sci-fi a thrill to even think about. But that's not all; aside from having this creative brain energy, Church is an engaging person to talk to, witty and committed, whether it's much-needed discourse or enthusiastic chatter. They're one of the greatest pals & partners a humble RPer could possibly hope for. Cheers, amigo! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - GarnaalProductions
What can I say about Church, he's quick to throw dumb meme or shitpost if you know what I mean, from what I can say he's eccentric dude more so than me, from what I've heard he's good role player who knows maybe I will rp with him in future. MERRY CHRISTMAS CHURCH! - RimCaster

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