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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: November 24


Things back on track.



Socially awkward science fiction hipster


I like writing long, multipara posts and profiles but I will never expect the same from my partners, 'tis just a silly luxury that I give myself, BBCode knowledge from years of forum shitposting have to come with its benefits.


When I actually stop to write, I prefer to dabble with science fiction, focusing more on the personal stories of the characters rather than the absurd technologies from this sort of setting. I see the genre as an analogous to the Age of Discovery, with unexplored worlds being landmasses, space stations the harbors and the ships, well, the ships! As I would say, I prefer the "Opera" in "Space".


I have a worldbuilding project called Disorder Core, where all of my sci-fi characters stem from. I've sort of slowly brainstorming it since it was a little pokémon fanfiction until the space-themed drama I got today, with some humor inspired by Douglas Adams. Nevertheless, a tragedy story.


I don't read as many books as I'd wish to, with my list being very narrow, to a single digit. My media for entertainment are video games, Monster Hunter and sandboxes RPGs (Minecraft, Factorio, Dwarf Fortress) being my favorites. I also heavily like "Shoot 'Em Ups" in the lines of Einhänder, G-Darius and R-Type.


If you have noticed from my RP pestering, I am absolutely a massive furry and I adore characters that can be classified as such. I might have humans as my main cast, but I love anything related to the "funny animals". While at it, I must confess that I love buff dragons. If you want plaster a permanent smile on my face, throw me a very big dragon at me.


I really, really like Monster Hunter, though.


Rave Reviews

  • What can I say about Church, he's quick to throw dumb meme or shitpost if you know what I mean, from what I can say he's eccentric dude more so than me, from what I've heard he's good role player who knows maybe I will rp with him in future. MERRY CHRISTMAS CHURCH!
    -- RimCaster
  • Chruch is one of the more fun dudes to talk to and amusing. Still need to RP with them one day. Plus, they make my day feel better. Made me feel more confident.
    -- Asroc

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