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This is Guilmon
huehuehuehue kIsSaNImE LOLOLOLOLOLOL

He is Ilia's cousin


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Though not often when Church and I talk I feel one of a few things: heard, cared about, utterly amused. Either way, I always end a conversation feeling better than before, or at least knowing there is solidarity there. Life is hard and I need people like Churchtuary. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - MercyInReach
Churchtuary is a delight, with a fantastic sense of humor and caring personality. He often leaves me in stitches, laughing over our chats. A fantastic friend. <3 Also freaking AMAZING to role-play with, and if you can get this silly person out of that uninspired funk, Church will produce some of the greatest stuff ever. Leaves me on the edge of my seat in excitement, waiting for posts. I absolutely love role-playing with Church, definitely the best... Aren't you Churchy~ - iolhantheX

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