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Charmingly creative, consummately clever and completely chill, CindarellaPop is a great writing partner - and absolutely wonderful OOC, too.

She's also managed to somehow hit that Goldilocks spot where the post length and quality of everything she writes are consistently just right for the job- and incredibly timely. Seriously, she will not leave you hanging!

(She also should throw some art on this RPR stuff. Is good art. Go find it. Now.) - Rigby
Again? Yes. Cindarellapop deserves a yearly kudo. I've been working on a setting for a while now, and she has been absolutely integral to its creation. She has a solid understanding of environments and the flora and fauna that inhabit them; on top of that, her more creative additions to my setting have been invaluable.

Strong plotlines, well-written religions and fantastic creatures, and characters that, while somehow so normal, are out of this world and unique are what you can expect. - Tate

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