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  • Australia
  • Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk, Modern Fantasy
  • Pokemon and TF2
  • OCs
  • Multipara
  • Freeform or Dice Usage
  • Pretty Uncool
  • If you want to chat, I suggest joining the RPR Unofficial Discord Server
  • Sorry! I'm not looking for new RPs at the moment.

Rave Reviews

Sparrow (played by Claine)
Sparrow is a stunning character both physically and otherwise. I have such an affinity for characters with tusks and purple skin so with Sparrow you get double the awesome! Great character design, very well made. - MercyInReach
Claine has been there for me since the first baby steps I took in online roleplaying, and I will always be thankful for that. Ever lovely and ever classy, she always has a nice word to say. Plus, her characters are a lot of fun and the stories she tells are great. - SeraphicStar

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    After helping with the fundraiser for Operation Audacious Phoenix, Claine went on to help squash 5 bugs during beta testing! Helpful
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    Claine reported a bug in 1.0 and then had to wait very patiently until it was finally fixed by the release of 2.08 hours ago