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What's up Guys and Gals!!

It's been a while since I've changed anything on my profile, so time to clear the dust off this page and give it a fresh new start.

General Info
    My real name is Will (and that's all you get)
    I work at a Soobway (call me a sandwich slinger)
    I LOVE music
    I also love video games and anime
    My favorite show is RWBY


Rave Reviews

Clayfire is truly amazing and is one of best friends. He literally is amazing and he hasn't gotten bored of me yet, Me and him have been role playing for as long as I can remember. His characters are amazing and he knows how to make plot twists here and there and it is just absolutely amazing, If your looking for a long term role play partner he is the person to go to. - Gothic_Girl
Ryan Day (played by Clayfire12)
He's a joy to talk to. He is kind and caring and a straight around nice guy. Me and my characters all love him. - Crystalflame

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