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What's up Guys and Gals!!

It's been a while since I've changed anything on my profile, so time to clear the dust off this page and give it a fresh new start.

General Info
    My real name is Will (and that's all you get)
    I work at a Soobway (call me a sandwich slinger)
    I LOVE music
    I also love video games and anime
    My favorite show is RWBY


Rave Reviews

Clay is already a good friend of mine on this site. His responses always brighten my day and encourage me to check my inbox more often to look for them. His characters are beautifully made, with lots of thought put into them. Not to mention he is a really nice guy, and is willing to listen to you talk, even if your boring like me. This guy is amazing, and I suggest you shoot him a Pm. But be prepared for randomness! - xKeatonx
He has a nice character and asks you what you are and arent comfortable with. then sticks with that. also understands if you cant respond. - Crystalflame289

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