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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: November 03

What's up Guys and Gals!!

It's been a while since I've changed anything on my profile, so time to clear the dust off this page and give it a fresh new start.

General Info
    My real name is Will (and that's all you get)
    I work at a Soobway (call me a sandwich slinger)
    I LOVE music
    I also love video games and anime
    My favorite show is RWBY


Rave Reviews

  • Clay is a person who gets really into to the characters mind set,and actions. With every character he uses it sets a really clear picture in your head on what's going on or what they look like. Even Clay himself is a very great person to talk to,he helps your...
    -- WubbleFish
  • Clay has indeed been a very good friend to me and I do miss those days when we randomly talked and especially RPed. I really enjoyed every bit of his replies, which I always looked forward to. I also love how our characters naturally developed within the story....
    -- HibariHaru013

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