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Well hello, fancy meeting you here... Please, take a seat.
We'll have ourselves a chat...

About me:
You can assume my gender, or just use neutral pronouns; as long as you're respectful, nothing will offend me.

I'm coming to written RP after years of tabletop RPG. Which is a fancy way to say that I will cheerfully make every newbie mistake, learn from them and do my best.

My mother tongue is French, and I'm in this forum to keep my English skills sharp. They are rare, but please forgive me if I use odd words or turns of phrase. Most of the times, it will be a case of "thought English worked like French. Turns out it doesn't."

I'm a traditional and digital artist, and I will usually try to illustrate my characters (or use pictures that aren't mine if I'm too lazy for it). I also write a lot in my spare time, both in English and French, and will always strive to write posts of quality when RPing.

I hope to craft great and captivating stories, and to make some friends here.

As for the RP side of things, here are some...

Hard limits
I will not RP the following:
    Sexual scenes involving minors (that means either you as a person, or just the characters)
    Highly graphic violence (torture or otherwise)
Soft boundaries
These boundaries can be discussed. I will not always agree to them, but I am open to being convinced.
    Sexual scenes
    Main character deaths
    Toxicity and abuse in characters' relationships
Things I will usually enjoy
You can expect an enthusiastic "Hell yes!" to those:
    Fluffy interactions that expose a character's vulnerability
    Slow-burn friendships and/or romances
    Character-driven storylines
    Drama and headgames between characters
    Queer representation
Requirements for long-term RP partners
    Interest in growing a complex plot / enthralling story
    Good grasp of English (making typos or mistakes is fine, but I need to understand you)
    Being open to communication
    Enthusiasm !

I'm more comfortable writing multiple paragraphs per post, but will adjust their length according to the situation. If a simple line of dialogue and a few lines of action are what makes the most sense, I will not add unnecessary padding, because that is boring.

... And I think that's all for now. Congratulations for reading that looooong profile 'til the end!

Current availability
I am not accepting any more long-term RPs at the moment.

Rave Reviews

Clay is a phenomenal writer and world-builder. They have such creative ideas, and are also willing to listen to the ideas of others, so that everyone involved in the plot gets to provide input and have their voices heard. The way they write is engaging, detailed, and well-thought-out, making their posts enjoyable to read. They're also patient and understanding - the kind of person who is easy to get along with and great to talk to.
Clay is altogether a great RP partner and a lovely person :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Anonymous
Annette Brown (played by Claywind)
Rose to the challenge of the Mari Lywd in the spirit of festivity! Wonderful interaction! Great sense of humor Fast responses - Prescience

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