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((I'm trying to make this look like an RP in itself. I WELCOME UNSOLICITED FEEDBACK! But like, constructive, don't be rude.))

NOTE: IF you not longer wish to ROLEPLAY with me but do not want to discuss it, I ask that you please tell me, "Your coffee is a little strong." I will NOT reply. This takes the edge off you from worrying about negative feelings or rude responses and lets me keep my inbox nice and tidy! You are NOT required by anyone to explain yourself in any way, shape or form. Sometimes you don't like things. Not your fault, not mine. Otherwise, I hope we have fun!

A letter came in the mail from you, today. It was lost in the post for a while, so, unfortunately, I only had a few hours to clean up. Not so, unfortunately - I live in a small one-bedroom and my wife is out of town, so I don't have to mentally calm her down in the lieu of visitors.

Just as I finish the dishes from the night before, there's a knock on the door, and I smile. I won't do well hiding my anticipation, so I finally decide not to bother.

I posted an ad in the town square, and several letters came in. Some of them I threw in the trash, due to language barriers, or poor communication. Others I put up on a shelf as there were complications with the plans, but you - you were different. I received your letter and immediately replied, checking the post every day for a message back. Oh, it took months but finally, I will meet you and we will go on a journey exploring the hundreds of dimensions the world has to offer.

I open the door, and there you are. I'd never seen you before, and I enthusiastically shake your hand, brushing off any response you may have to it, and I invite you inside. I gesture to a worn white couch with a cup of hot brew sitting in front of it, and explain the many choices of drinks I keep around if it's not your preference.

I can't yet pinpoint your personality, but you seem nice enough. That doesn't mean much, I think everyone is nice.

You sip on the drink, and then tell me about yourself.

I listen patiently, despite the fact that my legs are itching to race out the door.

You finish and wait for me to tell you about myself. So I do, "I'm calm and patient. If we have to stop and take a rest for a while, I'm not perturbed. I'll go off and do my own thing around you until you're ready to go again. I once waited six months in a small town for someone to tell me they were ready to continue. I can do the same, I'm ready to go at a moment's notice, but sometimes I get homesick or I worry, and I need to take quite a while to destress. I will always tell you, though. It's also alright if you aren't feeling too adventury and let me take the reigns, or if you're overenthusiastic and you lead for a while. I've been to many different worlds, and I usually stick to the same ones, but I do want to branch out a little more."

You listen just as patiently, and I love you all the more for it.

"I'm very friendly and I like to talk a lot, but if you tell me to shut up I'm good at that, too." I think a smirk comes across your face, but I continue, "Also, I don't mind what you do, but I'd rather stay away from brothel's in any universe, if you wouldn't mind, and please don't ever touch me unless you ask first."

You make sure you really understand.

I don't mind how long it takes you to reply. I won't check up on you, because I don't wish you to feel pressured to reply. You are welcome to check up on me.

I like to OOC chat, but I understand if it's not your thing. Just let me know.

Your reply can be as long or as short as you feel necessary. One-liner to ten pages. As long as I have something to reply to.

I don't write smut. You can write it, talk about it, live it, Fade to black, whatever. I will not write it myself, I do not have enough confidence to do so.

Please do not control my character unless we talk about it. I will be willing to let smaller things pass, or let you make the control most of the time, as long as you make sure it's okay OOC.

So far, you haven't run out the door screaming, so you must still be interested. I watch idle, examining the room, the floor, the furniture, and I suddenly feel as if my cleaning had been enough, but you comfort me, "That's agreeable, so far. What kind of people do you travel with?"

I smile again, wanting to showcase everyone, "Anyone with wit, and a sense of humor, mostly. I prefer spending my time with royals and magic, and watching gross love stories, but that last one isn't an adventure all by itself, so I tend to mix it with the others. Except... I'm not a fan of Romeo and Juliet? More like...Ten things I hate about you, from Earth. I have also been known to jump back in time to witness events, or just hid away and reinvent a new world altogether. I do spend time in the real world, but only if it's outside of the day to day scenes, or it's super entertaining."

"You contemplate, again."

I do mostly fantasy and thriller and banter characters. I love romance, but not as the main concept. I usually have a main goal, and watch the characters develop with each other. By no Romeo and Juliet, I mean if we have a romance, friendship, or we are sworn enemies, I wanna see it happen naturally, not over the course of three hours and a glass of beer, and if it's Romance, I don't want to go into it thinking they'll come out a couple unless that was predetermined. I like to do unlikely couples because... well.. it's romantic!

I like real-world RPs, like the one we live in today, but only if it's got a good plot, or if it's super cliche. Bonus points for both! I mostly like the darker side of the real world like mystery or gangs. It can get really dark, so writer beware. Add in historical-fiction, time-traveling, most things!

I prefer worldbuilding, buuttt...

Fandoms are few and far between; Skyrim/Elder Scrolls; Hunger Games (If we can plot out an actual game and map it, that sounds so fun for some reason.). Harry Potter, but the world, not the characters. ORVILLE IF ANYONE KNOWS THIS ID BE HELLA DOWN! I'd also love to make a Dystopian world that's super law controlled and gets taken down like with the Hunger Games, but not specifically, because I wouldn't want to follow the plotline.

"Interesting," You muse, and I bombard you with much of the same questions, which you answer just the same.

"How long have been doing this? World hopping, I mean?"

"About ten years," I respond, "Off and on when time permits, but it's my one true love. I don't see how anyone doesn't do it."

"And you're married? How does your wife handle that?"

I was sipping my drink, and had to spit some back out, laughing, "Funny you should ask, I actually met Vera_Niko in this very business. We went to Nirn in fact, with my friend Taarin and her friend Adarra."

"And how did you get married?"

I was just about to reply, when my words fell short. I couldn't actually remember. All of a sudden she was in my house one day, we were chatting rapidly, arguing like an old married couple, and became an expectation of daily life. But, I couldn't remember the marriage. Or even anything romantic. I just called her my wife, and she called me her wife, and that was that.

"That's unimportant - Fact of the matter is I adore her, and she's really helped my confidence in meeting others, world-hopping, and broadening horizons, and our closest friends are actually spending a lot of time together in Nirn."

Your judgemental look set me on edge - how does someone not know they are married? But it seemed just as dismissed, maybe this was how the world went when your profession was traveling between the universes.

"Anything you're particularly interested in?" You asked, finishing off the cooled drink, and standing as if to leave sooner rather than later.

""I have a few ideas, if you're interested:""

These are based off the characters I have now:

Taarin: Is endlessly searching for the reason he cannot do magic, so exploring Skyrim with him, y/c character as his hired help, and doing anything your character needs to accomplish as well would be fun.

Mila: Also Skyrim, she's mute but damn good at following orders. She was or is in the thieves guild. Not quite as important as Brynjolf or the Dragonborn, but she's well known and has offered her help. Her profile has the backstory, but going through with the thieves guild questline and adding in extras would be fun, to me.

The Kipling Siblings: They were made for an RP, but are open to others. They are bounty hunters. Perhaps they can be hired to protect someone, find someone, or defeat someone. While they are highly based on Assasins creed, the names and personalities do not match.

Victoria: She was also made for a specific RP. She is upper class, but not quite Royalty. She'll mostly get used for any romance plots if even that because I love the one that she is in, so it really has to dazzle me.

Kayden: Kayden is a Lost Prince in his own world. He is in a war with the Gods to restore the natural order of the world. He has quite the backstory and a lot of building to him. You can either take his and make a character for it, or we can meet in between. Y/c can be of any importance, but his goal is to legit save the gods of his world.

Thryn: Can be used, but again he's already in an RP and I wouldn't want to confuse the two. He can have a brother vying for the throne, another country wanting to stop him from becoming the King, or even a leader of a rebellion against his Ruling. He's one of those that will not be easy to love, so he is not best for any type of relationship, but it's not impossible if you're still interested.

Alexis: She is a real world, in a gang. You may be opposing, a leader in the gang, someone she was meant to 'take care of' or even attempt to 'save' her. I would appreciate it if you will have some positive relationship with her, even just as a colleague or boss, that you know about her history because it involved a murder so most people that knows her would know the story. I'm not saying you have to be sympathetic, just know about it.

If you like any of these, let me know I'll send you a message with a detailed plot that you can pick apart at your will, or you can send me a plot to check out. Most of my characters can be maneuvered to fit, so if you like some things about a character but not all of it, there's no harm in asking.

Except for Taarin. You cannot change him at all. He is absolutely who he is.

"I think we can work something out now if you're ready to go?"

I nod my head eagerly and point at the luggage case by the door. It was an hour walk to the portal that would transport us to another world, and another adventure. I jump up and throw the cups in the sink, make sure I have my currency to exchange at the gate and leave a letter for my wife in case she returns home before me.

Then, we leave, I lock the door and start discussing where we will go, and what changes we will add to the portal.

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Clearlow is bae. That is all.
They’re such a joy to write with, and over all just so easy to talk to. I enjoy talking A LOT and I’m glad they’re cool with that. Discussions never feel one-sided and they’re ideas are oh so wonderful! They’re down to plan the important stuff ahead so we don’t make a mess of the plot in the future. They pay attention to the little details that others would most likely gloss over. They’re so kind and I honestly consider them a good friend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - vera_niko
Clearlow is a fantastic writer. Her weaving of story is beautiful, and she's so easy to talk to! We haven't gotten many replies done in our story, but even with the small amount we have I can say that I am very eager and happy to continue writing with this delightful person. Her honesty and openness are also a welcome refresher. She's understanding and just a fun person to get to know. Please don't pass up the opportunity to write with this great writer. :) Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Hadeslicious

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