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Hello everyone! I'm Clockwork Dragon!

Please excuse the mess! With some RL things going on in my life, I haven't gotten around to do some photoshop for images to spruce up my profile. Bit by bit I'm going to be adding more details about me and rp I'm looking for. I'm new and getting my bearings. But in the meantime, feel free to PM me for some chit-chat.


~*~About Me (place holder header)~*~

Hello everyone! I'm Clockwork Dragon! Its a pleasure to meet you all! I never know how to start these things so lets dive right in, shall we?

I guess first thing first, I'm a huge nerd. I play D&D, video games, watch anime, sew my own cosplays, draw - not as much as I would like lately, read a lot of fantasy lit... the whole works! I have my BS in Biology so science is kind of my passion. In a lot of my rps, even in fantasy settings, I like logical underpinnings, even if that logic is just simply "magic~". Like, how does it work? What are the limitations? You know, simple basics.

I'm a pretty relaxed person so don't be shy to drop me a PM. Even if its just to chat. Love meeting new people!

~*~RP Shizzle (place holder header)~*~

I have been doing some form of role-playing/creative writing for roughly over 15 years. If we are going to get technical, my first rp experience was back in the ye dark ole ages of a White Wolf chatroom on my friend's dial up internet. But I really didn't my start until I was introduced to a forum style-free form ezboard by the name of Fantasy Gathering. Which I think no longer exists....

Then, after a long break, I was reintroduced to rp by a friend doing canon characters on Dreamwidth. Doing a set character brings its own unique skill and challenges, putting your mindset in theirs. For anyone interested in doing canon characters, here is my muselist, which I think is fairly up to date.

However, my comfort zone is working with my own original characters. Which, over the years, I have <i>a lot</i>. With only a limited amount of slots, I'll gradually fill out profiles for ones I use. I know right now the OCs I have up are all in various states of WIPs but they are all fully flushed out characters. Feel free to ask about who I have. I most likely have them drawn somewhere.

One of my favorite things about role playing is creating a collaborative story and building worlds with others. I have some fleshed out world settings of my own, which I'll list below with links, for anyone interested in doing something in them.

~*~World Settings~*~
Fantasy Setting (sorry, more info coming when I do a full write up of the world. Currently its all just splashing around in my head.)

Chains of Jade
Wuxia seting. More info to come!

The Strain
Zombie Apocalypse: The Strain is an original character sandbox set in a modern day alternate universe. This universe did something amazing - it cured cancer. The cost of it was a zombie apocalypse. One day, this cure turned bad. Suddenly, zombies.

~*~Things I Look For in RP~*~
  • Length is adjustable. No need to write a novel but no one liners. Quality over quantity.
  • Romance is okay! That said, I do like it to happen naturally and if it fits with my OCs.
  • Prefer my RP partners to be of age just to be on the safe side of things. Sorry if that is an inconvenience.
  • Be warned: Due to my real life schedule and my huge move to Japan, my pace tends to be medium to slow right now.
  • Another disclaimer is that I am dyslexic. So I apologize if something is misspelled or the wrong word was used. I try to catch myself but sometimes it happens. Please, PLEASE politely tell me if that happens. Nothing is more embarrassing than using the wrong word and not realizing.

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