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Hello all! I'll answer to CloudDragon. I'm pretty shy in person, but I'm up for roleplaying, or just talking.

Current RP status: All characters are open right now. I'm specifically looking to build the world and add to each of their storylines(Main-universe/story project), so if you are interested in creating a character to fit the world let me know. However, if you are interested in that, know that you are making the main version of your character for that world.

My Rules:

I've got some standards when it comes to roleplay:
  1. If you aren't having fun tell me! There's a good chance that it's loosing that spark with me too, we can discuss what we want to do together: add more plot, add tension, take a break with a humorous tangent, or just drop it. I won't likely be offended, but petering out slowly in quality or dropping silently sucks for everyone.
  2. Keep in communication with me. I'm here to make friends. It doesn't have to be related directly to the RP and not every day, but light conversation occasionally would be great. I like to know the people behind the characters at least somewhat.
  3. I expect decent grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These don't have to be perfect. Mine aren't, but my writing is understandable. We have spell checkers readily and freely available, so go over it with one of those, and read your post at least once before you click send, please.
  4. I don't accept one-lining, slang speech, Meta-rp, or any form of god-moding. I put effort into my writing, and I care about the strengths and flaws of my characters. I also only RP in PM or groups partially to avoid these.
  5. 18+ is cool, but I don't write anything without plot. None of my characters are so violent, wacky, or sex-craved to partake in a plot-less story.
  6. No character death/ life changes with out asking. They will get roughed up a lot and run into situations that will have lasting effects, but if I'm playing the 'true' version of a character(which I usually will try to be) I'd like to know before they go through a life changing event. My characters are all part of an overarching story project, and, while my views might be odd, I like to keep copies or AU versions of them to a minimum.

    About Me

    I'll share a bit about myself. I love to RP, play all sorts of games, draw, and travel where my meager wallet allows. I am a beginner hobbyist game designer/animator, but I hope to improve and eventually earn a decent living with the craft.

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