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I completely forgot this website for a couple months and I feel sorry for the people I was going to role-play with but never got to do it but now I'm back and happy to role-play with you guys! :)
I am not always on RP so if I accidentally leave the role-play for a few hours to a day it was because I wan't on please understand!

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Cloud is amazing in role play I am doing a role play with her and it is amazing the characters she plays as are awesome but she always have a plot a twist in her role plays and thats what makes the role play fun very fun please follow this little bean she will literally knock your socks off. - Gothic_Girl
Cloudwanter is like the best Roleplayer ever her vampire character Kat is very unquie she shows. Talent in Roleplaying and makes it interesting for those who don't understand. Everyone should befriend cloudwanter!!!😄😄😄😄 - Scarletwolf

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