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Hey guys my name is CloudWanter and I'm happy to be back on rp repository after being off of it for a while, mood going up and down and stuff happening irl which prevent me from being on rp repository but everything is sorted out and I'm ready to get back to roleplaying with amazing people on this website. I hope all of us get excited roleplays done with each other and have fun :D


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Cloudwanter is like the best Roleplayer ever her vampire character Kat is very unquie she shows. Talent in Roleplaying and makes it interesting for those who don't understand. Everyone should befriend cloudwanter!!!😄😄😄😄 - Scarletwolf
I haven't been in many Roleplays with Cloud but those I have, she has really Improved. She livens up the story with her creative ideas (often involving drama) and is just an all round excellent roleplayer. As such, I highly recommend a roleplay with her. - JonahMa07

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