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  • Birthday: December 24

❖ DEC 24th | They/Them | INTP | California ❖


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I can be and am a gremlin; admittedly not always the best, sunshining out my butt kind of troll. But I try. And that is what counts right? Or so I'd hope.

So just be upfront with me and I'll be up front with you. Best Policy.

More about me

- I am a proud dog mom check out my fur babies.. I have a male, blue merle Aussie named Kumo and a female, red-tri Aussie named Yuko. Both are working class herding dogs and require a lot of attention and activity. So I tend to not be home, a lot. If I am....i am failing at attempts at art.

- I really like; illustration, art, Pokemon, Terrible humor, Surfing, Warm Weather, Rainy Days, Yoga, Video games like mmorpgs/rpgs/mobas and the like, television shows along the lines of Penny Dreadful or documentaries, Reading sci-fi and fantasy along side random non-fiction?, watching too much youtoob, Hiking, trees, animals, retro-pin up fashion, swing dancing, traveling, lofi-chillhop, japanese food, anime and manga and the like

- I am going to be real. I have a myriad of health related issues. I take full responsibility for myself but sometimes I am exhausted and in a lot of pain. So just be upfront with me and I'll be up front with you


"Look, whatever you're thinking, do me a favor; don't let go."


Rave Reviews

  • What can I say about the talented Clove? She's an avid supporter to everything I've done. Quite a wonderful friend and her art is refreshingly colorful. I find myself being lucky to call this person my friend. Thank you for being the wind in my sails when I needed a push.
    -- HoundDog
  • I've known Sonya for quite some time and it wasn't until recent that we really became close friends. She was a shoulder for me to lean on when I was feeling defeated and even today she continues to be uplifting and positive. I am not only grateful, but proud to have...
    -- Marius

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