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I do not have any pets( I do however have two children I see every other weekend).
Art was my favorite subject in school.
Before the pandemic of Covid-19 and such; I was a driver for Lyft. Lately I have just been doing odd jobs... biding my time as wisely as I can under the circumstances. I have have been designing a new game called:CrossroadsTheAascension. It is in it's syllabus stage and would take a game master allot of work to implement. I have had IndiePressRevolution review it, and they said it was an interesting system of game mechanics, but needed to be play tested before they could host the PDF for sale on their site. So that is one of my hopes and dreams. I am a martial arts practitioner. I know how to perform over 25 kata(with some help from my teacher). And I enjoyed fencing when I had people to practice it with.
<iframe frameborder="0" src="" width="552" height="167"><a href="">Crossroads The Ascension by CoalCrystal</a></iframe>
I think this site is awesome on the eyes! I love the layout. And hope I don't get overly excited, and do something so stupid I get banned by the mods. Thanks for all you do~

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