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You see the sad in everything
A genius of love and loneliness
- Agnes, Glass Animals.

He/Him || Scottish || INFP-T || Aries ♈

A purveyor of all things dark, gritty and monstrous, my interests typically lie in the grimdark, bleak and bittersweet, as well as being a mythology and theology nerd. Don't let the edginess fool you though, I'm actually a pretty laid back guy who doesn't take things too seriously and loves to chill out with people. I just happen to have dark tastes when it comes to reading material.

The three characters on the side are the ones that I'm most associated with, Grimm being my main character, however I do have others floating around. You can have a look at my Toyhouse to see most of my D&D characters that I'd be more than likely to play on here as well.

As I'm in the GMT timezone I'm typically around six hours ahead of Central American time, which will undoubtedly factor into when or how long it takes me to respond to messages. Just something to keep in mind.

I've got a few roleplay themes that happen to be my favourites, including:

• Horror
• Grimdark/Crapsack worlds
• Lovecraftian
• Slow burn
• Psychological
• Thriller
• Fantasy
• Dungeons and Dragons
• Some canon media
• Mythology

I am pretty much always open to requests for roleplaying though tend to lose muse with 'passive' or pushy roleplayers. I also do not have responses written every single day, so if you're looking for a fast-paced responder then I'm not the guy for you. I typically take a few days to a week to reply to roleplays due to work associated with college and other issues. Please keep this in mind if you're looking to shoot me a message to set up a roleplay, otherwise I'm very flexible with what I can roleplay and what sort of themes I'm comfortable with. Most adult themes are fine with me and I'm pretty close to no consent. I'm even fine with some cute, sappy themes too - with the exception of Grimm. I have no interest in roleplaying with people or characters who are under the age of 18. No exceptions.

So, if I haven't scared you away yet, you're more than welcome to message me if you're interested in roleplaying or just to talk. I love talking to people as deep into the D&D rabbit hole as I am, or on other hobbies like video games. I'm always looking for new buddies to game with!

Rave Reviews

Grimm (played by Coheed)
Scary, horrifying, terrifying. Your worst nightmare is in fact, Monstrum. The player is awesomely patient and knows their stuff! The writing style is fast and well versed. This role player is someone you don't want to pass up! To grab their attention is a huge honor. I will always be rooting oocly for his ludus to succeed! - Michonne
I forgot to send him this earlier, and even if I'm too busy to talk to him more frequently, I can say that he's someone I love to call a friend. He's someone that I've had some roleplaying with, and lemme tell you, he's quite the good writer. You can be certain that you'll enjoy him IC and OOC wise. <3 Stay well, buddy. We need to catch up when I'm free. - peregrinustulit

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