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When you're coming from the bottom then there's probably scars
For everybody that got a problem acknowledging ours
We didn't follow your guidelines on how to be fraud
So I know watching from the side lines got to be hard
You keep on hoping we fail, just know that hope will diminish you
May feel good in the moment but slowly it makes you miserable
Know that it makes you cynical, know it's got to be killing you
Don't focus on what we did, focus on what you didn't do.

Quinn; 2010 - 2021.

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An overdue kudos for this musketeer. From my first nervous whisper until now, Sheo has continued to amaze me not only with his remarkable writing, but with the heart and depth placed into every one of his creations. More, he's proven an irreplaceable friend through the years, be it simply for hilarious banter, bouncing ideas, or offering patient support - and honesty - through hard times. I'm glad to know him, and proud to call him my best friend. - Twilit
Grimm (played by Coheed)
The character that other werewolves wished they could be, often emulated but never replicated. Monstrum exudes a dominating aura the moment he is posting into a room, and you can almost sense the hush come over the room as they wait with baited breath to see what he will do next. Vicious, beastly but oh so suave when he wants to be, he is the villain that everyone needs in their lives. - Esoterica

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