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Yis, hello, dis is me. Roleplayer for 15+ years now. Big fan of it. Love doin' it. We should rp sometime.

I love all kinds of roleplay. Come at me with some tasty plot and I'll be sure to deliver on my end. Let's collaborate. I also enjoy 18+mature content, but if you'd prefer to fade to black, I'm cool with that too. But if you're a perv like me, let's rp out that sexy business, but PLEASE be an adult. I'm in my 20s, I'd feel comfortable if you were in the same range or at least above 18.
My schedule is pretty flexible and I like both Furc and RPR for roleplaying. Some days I just don't have the inspiration for posts, so forgive any long waits between private message posts. Also if we're on Furc, I am not a poofer. I will never just disappear in the middle of a rp. It's usually always my internet, so forgive me and gimme a few minutes to reappear.
Literate roleplayer, fast poster. Seriously, ask anyone I've rp'ed with in the past. I write very fast. I try not to multitask while I roleplay on instant platforms like Furcadia, so I'd like the same courtesy. I'm a very patient and understanding person, but if I have to wait 45 minutes between my post and yours, it's going to get old fast.
Whatever you give me as far as length, I'll always try and match it. So whether we're doing one good post or several, that's fine by me.
Most of my characters are big hunky boys, usually gay but a few of them are totally open to either gender. I don't really enjoy roleplaying female characters. Maybe someday I'll make one that interests me enough, but for now, it's just BOYS BOYS BOYS. See if any of mine catch your fancy~



Rave Reviews

True blue friendship is not something I looked for on this website. CP slipped right on into my heart anyway. On top of a friendship I could never even begin to feel I deserve, she has singlehandedly brought back my love for my characters and writing. She is the sort of writer who gives and gives and gives even when you're struggling to give her the same incredible words to work with, who understands how to be an adult and communicate. She breathes life into all of her characters. - Marie
Barnaby is.. incredible. He's a character with such confidence, depth, and real world struggles that you can honestly feel like you really know him. His struggles with addiction and his criminal past don't feel like they're pulled out of a cruddy action movie, they feel like they could really be happening to the character. They aren't overdramatized or the single focal point of roleplay, they're just an added part of him. I'll never not love this complex boy. - Marie

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