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Hello world! I'm a video/game maker who loves himself some RP! I have many characters by this point, and I love every single one of them! ... Almost. ANYWAY, thanks for looking over my page, especially since it has nothing of real value in it!

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I'm on my second rp with this guy, and I'm just now writing a kudos. Shame. Anyways, Connan is amazing with his story creating powers. I've had the pleasure of experiencing about three of his characters, and they are all quite different with their personalities, which keeps things fun. Connan is also very good about providing plot twists or adding characters so that the rp doesn't stall. You will not regret working with this literate and creative mind. - ilovedogs260
What?! Well, I can hardly believe this guy has no kudos yet! Anyway, Conan is one of the few who takes on younger, sprightly, and jubilant characters. His characters remain the same throughout, and I'm often found reading his posts and laughing out loud which then I gain questioning looks in public. Even so, it's good to have a laugh every once and a while and no doubt this guy can give you plenty. Thanks for the jest Connan! I look forward to more! - PANGAEA

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