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Hello world! I'm a video/game maker who loves himself some RP! I have many characters by this point, and I love every single one of them! ... Almost. ANYWAY, thanks for looking over my page, especially since it has nothing of real value in it!

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fightingleaf (played by ConnanBell)
Although Leaf is built from a stereotype, but he's definitely beyond it. Focused, intense, vicious - but secretly a hero with a soft spot for kids and the downtrodden. I've seen him brutally murder enemies, and I've seen him try to hide his tears. All of this with an awkward humor running alongside that, while bizarre, also brings it all back down to earth. - Zelphyr
This guy is sweet to talk to, incredibly patient, easy to work with and very flexible! Have issues? -Just speak up. I have yet to meet a kinder soul so willing to make things work then ConnanBell. He certainly deserves them kudos <3 - Mipps

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