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Hello world! I'm a video/game maker who loves himself some RP! I have many characters by this point, and I love every single one of them! ... Almost. ANYWAY, thanks for looking over my page, especially since it has nothing of real value in it!

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It's easy for someone's first impression of Connan to be of a childish goofball who's really into cartoons - and honestly, that's not wrong. XD Going to him for silly, wild stories that keep you doing double-takes is 100% a great idea. I'm not sure how many people know how excellent he is with more serious plots as well. And as a person, he's generally not the sort to ask how you are, but he is one who'll sit and listen without judgement if you need him. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Zelphyr
Connan is a great RPer. He can do silly light plots and serious stuff both equally well. He's good at letting you know if he'll be a while in replying or needs to take a break for a bit. He's good at coming up with ideas to move the plot along and over all is a wonderful person to write stories with. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Ms_Draca

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