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Hello world! I'm a video/game maker who loves himself some RP! I have many characters by this point, and I love every single one of them! ... Almost. ANYWAY, thanks for looking over my page, especially since it has nothing of real value in it!

Rave Reviews

Despite having yet to finish our RP, I've been in multiple ones with Connan, so I can say honestly that he's an incredible RPer! He has plenty of characters full of creativity, and is involved with so many RPs that it's a shock he has time to respond so quickly as he does. He's never afraid to take hold of the story, and will never leave you empty handed. - SolonaAmell
Even though I only just started RP'ing with Connan, his style has completely thrown me off guard. I love the way he can roll with anything that happens, and even twist it to his advantage! He is a very creative person and I hope to roleplay with another of his characters in the future. - Zephyrezz

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