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Hi! My name's Cookie, Cake, or Potato! If you're gonna call me something mean or rude, say it to my face, please.

I have been Rping outside of this site for ... 4 years now? Yeah! And I love it so much!

Just a heads up, I'm dealing with a lot of drama and relationship issues right now so if I'm slow to respond please cut me some slack. Not to be mean or anything. Or if I leave you unopened. This is really hard for me.

Sorry for anyone I may have an RP with or was planning one. I've been trying to build myself back up after an awful breakup.

About me:
I have two dogs, two cats, one bearded dragon and 9 chickens. I love music, drawing, singing. But most of all, RPing!

I'm not always on. I will be on almost all night. Every night. I even howl to the moon when I see it.

I'm a BIG fan of wolves and horses. Along with dogs and cats. My favorite thing to do in RPs right now is being a wolf. But I'm still happy to do any RP. Even if my big furry family isn't involved.

If you'd like to RP, PM me. I don't own any social media including Discord. (Ik I'm a sad boi)
I do have Hangouts if anyone knows what that is...

I'm a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community! I happen to be a part of it. Please, no hate.

Most of my Oc's will be Bisexual. Just an FYI.

If you just wanna chat, or have questions. Feel free to ask. Although I'm not much help when it comes to this site. I'm still new. But learning fast! :D

Rave Reviews

this person is amazing. She is fun to role-play with. I hope everyone role-plays with her. I haven't role-played with her lately and i apologies for that but she is the best girl role-player that i have met. :) :) :) - Starwarsfan

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