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  • Gender: Female

status : searching for 1 rp partner!.


Who am i?
I am a girl who likes to rp!
Things i also like are musicals , opera , ballets , movies , stranger things and music
I also like gems and crystals , they are really pretty
Music i like is classic music , synthwave , bob marley and a lot of more.
My favourite musicals are Elisabeth , Cats , Der besuch der alten Dame , Chicago and Matilda
Rp information
I like to rp alot , sci fi , fantasy , romance , modern or historic . I like every genre!
The first rule : Be nice and understanding
The second rule : give me something to work with, i don't care a lot about length . Give me 2 paragraphs i am happy , give me a 3-sentence i am also happy. But give me something to work with
The third rule : no sex , smut or erotic things . Romance is fine.
The fourth rule : No OP , powerplaying or godmodding

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Seo yeon

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Rave Reviews

  • And here we are again, 'cause this lassy here deserves a second batch of commendation! The best thing about Cookie is that she's herself, imaginative and merry in her own way, the most consistent player I know, and always up for chatting or jibber-jabber about RP....
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • This girl is such a nice person to get to know OOC and she's a very great and enthusiastic roleplayer! The character of hers I'm rping with clashes with mine in such an interesting way and I love it! I'm just glad she puts up with my slower responses haha.
    -- Gab

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