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Currently: Mental health is slightly improving
Hi, I am Cookiesareyummie!
I am a Dutch girl who loves to rp with others!

I roleplay for almost 3 years!
I love musicals, opera's, singing, dancing, writing and ofcourse roleplaying.
Currently I love to watch Audrey Hepburn movies and Studio Ghibli movies!
I am a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, Judith Blegen and Dreamcatcher!

I can write up to 3 paragrahps! (more when I like the rp alot!)
I like the genres Fantasy, Sci fi, Modern and Historic. (but I would be willing to try other genres as well!)
I'd prefer my partner to write in paragraphs or semi lit. Or something in between that.
No smut, erotica, sex, oneliners, metagaming, powerplaying or godmodding. (I am underage)
•~That's it for now. If you wanna rp shoot me a pm.~•

Rave Reviews

Though I would normally give Kudos after finishing a roleplay, I felt like I needed to return the favor. Cookie is simply amazing, both in style and personality, and a very fun and creative partner to write and talk with. Her characters are well-developed without being vague, and she comes with all kinds of beautiful little twists to spice a RP up with. Looking forward to the adventures we will get ourselves into in the future! Cheers, friend! - GarnaalProductions
And here we are again, 'cause this lassy here deserves a second batch of commendation! The best thing about Cookie is that she's herself, imaginative and merry in her own way, the most consistent player I know, and always up for chatting or jibber-jabber about RP. And her characters.. man, aren't they a happy bunch? The girl definitely knows what she's doing; whether she's playing an annoying yet adorable kid or a prideful yet bright dragon, she does it amazingly. Keep kicking, m'lass! c: - GarnaalProductions

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