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  • Gender: Female

Currently: School has started again means that I am less online.

Hi, I am Cookiesareyummie!
I am a Dutch girl who likes to rp! And who likes to have fun.
I like; Musicals, Opera, Ballet, Old movies, reading, roleplaying and writing.
I roleplay now for almost 2 years and so far I enjoy it alot!
Currently I am trying to learn French and Italian.
I am a huge fan of Judith Blegen, Audrey Hepburn and Pia Douwes.

I can write up to 3 paragrahps (more when I like the rp alot)
I like the genres; Fantasy, Sci fi, Historic and modern.
I'd prefer my partner to write in paragrahps or semi lit. Or something in between that.
I don't do smut, sex or erotica.
Please no; Godmodding/Powerplay/Metagaming/Oneliners

That's it for now. If you wanna rp shoot me a pm.

Rave Reviews

  • And here we are again, 'cause this lassy here deserves a second batch of commendation! The best thing about Cookie is that she's herself, imaginative and merry in her own way, the most consistent player I know, and always up for chatting or jibber-jabber about RP....
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • This girl is such a nice person to get to know OOC and she's a very great and enthusiastic roleplayer! The character of hers I'm rping with clashes with mine in such an interesting way and I love it! I'm just glad she puts up with my slower responses haha.
    -- Gab

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