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I'm one of the site's moderators, and I've been doing this kind of work somewhat on and off for a few years now. It's something I enjoy doing a lot. <3 If you ever need a question answered or a problem addressed, I'm one of your go-to folks!

Outside of moderation, I work a full week's worth in good ol' retail, in a shoe department! "Shoenanigans" are often at play there.

And beyond all of that, I'm a huge gamer. Pokémon, TES, Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda, and Megaman are my favorite series.

Rave Reviews

Johann is a grumpy character who doesn't seem to want to be happy. So far the character has been intriguing and Copper is great at using him to push the plot forward! - TheLily
Alrighty, I'm giving her two kudos. She's earned them, though! :D I'd love to play with any of her characters, and how can I not mention her rainbow reference to the Zelda CDI games? Kudos: earned, as far as I'm concerned. :3 - Witness

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