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Hi, I'm Cornflake8, otherwise known as Corn or Corrine.

I have a hard time explaining stuff but I hope that won't cause any problems.

I'm an artist! I might post some art of the characters I've created here sometime.

My timezone is UTC -8:00 (aka pacific time)

I'm trying to get back into the swing of RP.

I try to stay active, but sometimes life is life, and I end up being busy with stuff.

The genres of music I like include:
♬ Metal
♬ Death metal
♬ Grunge (hope I spelt that right)
♬ Progressive rock
♬ Underground rap (or rap from 80s-00s)
♬ Etc.
(I like at least one song from each song genre)

I'm gonna update this as time goes on.

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