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I dont really know what to put here tbh. Im your average weirdo who likes to rp, hides in dark corners, and abuses crying smileys.I like drawing, eating, singing, and sleeping FAR more than I should.

I prefer to RP in a lit/Semi-lit style. My preferred minimum is arround one or two paragrarphs, but Im used to longer replies. Most times I try to reply with arround the same lenght im replied with.

My favorite genres are sci-fi, horror, and comedy. But to be honest, I'm always up to rp anything if the plot catches my eye.

If you need something, want to rp, or just want to chat ans share some sweet dank memes, feel free to PM me!

Rave Reviews

Coronel is so sweet and a lovely writer with amazingly interesting characters on top of it! She's hilarious and super kind and patient, I definitely recommend writing with her and befriending her ^_^ - Kyce
An updated version of last year's kudos: this here is one of the sweetest and most talented writers/artists around. She puts a ton of thought into her characters and is super enjoyable to plan things with and talk to. A great roleplayer, friend, and meme-dealer! - Yersinia

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