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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: June 09

If you could please, take a read and give me your comments.
I promise you it is a good story, despite me not being able to write in basic English.
Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Creepy Face
So! My times online are spread apart. I'll be on sometimes during the days, other times I'm not. It just depends. I cannot pin when I'm on, so it's sometimes a sit and wait.
When I rp, I use the basic "", so when I roleplay, "I use this to talk," and out here to describe. I tend to rp in the third person, but I will do the first person if needed. The genres I like are Romance, Fantasy, Modern, and Adventure. I like to respond with about 3 ish sentences at times, but I will do less or more, depending on what time I'm on and how much I can write back. Please try to write more than a sentence, and less than an essay.
I am a Kuudere! What the hell does that mean? *Googles* So it means, cool and sweet... Eh, I'd guess that would be me.
I'm beginning to feel like I'm a Typegod Typegod typing from 6 to 9 clock 9 clock, now who thinks they can keep up with my click time click time. Now watch as my fingers fly like a blur on my keyboard, nowIjustkeeptyping just keep going because I only have this way to show my emotions a way to let you know how I feel. How the hell am I to talk about this normally when people don't know that guys can't feel bad because I am abou* eone out there because I never knew how to rap or sing but this is my music on the page the words dance better than that Katty Parry and I could keep writing from day up tonight down, what the hell am I thinking anyhow, my parents wouldn't approve about, they can go *
why be a king, when you could be a god?
I have no idea what I did. o-o

Rave Reviews

  • Coy is a great roleplayer, and an amazing person overall! If you haven't roleplayed with him yet I definitely suggest it. I can guarantee you won't regret it!
    -- luvss
  • i cannot believe that i have found an amazing person like coy, he is very detailed and i love his rp's that we do, he means a lot to me and i care and love him so much, im very protective of him, he is my sweetheart and i will do anything for him, i love you babyboy <3
    -- jessikahjones

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