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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: June 09

This account will be inactive on Monday for a month or two. I thank everyone I've been with to give me wonderful memories and rps. It hurts for me to go, but I need a break.

The reason as to why I'm leaving is, well. I learned I had hypertension, which means my body is pumping blood way to fast. My blood pressure is at 188/42 or something like that. Right now it's not a problem, but as I get older it's going to affect me more. I want to get rid of this before then, which means I need to work out more. Become buff. Whatever like that.

The other reason is... It's hard for me to say without the Admins of this site taking it down, but I have suicidal thoughts, basically every day. I need a while from this site to take my mind off things and making people happy. I need to do things that make me happy! My Little Pony, guitar, school! I don't know if I will recover from it, but I know that I'm not going down without a fight.

I will be erasing all pms, and stopping every rp with everyone. And I will be removing a few characters, leaving only four. I am sorry to say this, but as my fresh start happens, I need a clean slate. I will remember each and every rp, which seems a big order, but trust me, I remember. And I never forget you, my friends. ^-^

If you need to reach me, please ping me at my Discord, CoyBoat275#6165
Yes, the numbers are important.

Rave Reviews

  • Coyboat is superb role player, I had role played with him and I've to say he's creative and good rp-er.
    We didn't role played in quite long time, I know but you're good dude. MERRY CHRISTMAS COY <3
    -- RimCaster
  • Hey y'all this guy is amazing no matter what he says. I suggest role playing with him as soon as you can

    Coyboat I know we haven't role played in a while but I want you to know that you are an amazing person and that Mabey we could rp like we use to I also want you...
    -- Starwarsfan

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