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Hi ~
~ About Me ~
An adult who has been on and off writing and roleplaying for a very long time.
Unfortunately, my job has made the last year or two difficult for me mentally and thus has cut into my creativity. I'm trying to get back into it again, building it up as writing is a major passion for me.

I don't mind OOC. I feel in some ways understanding your partner helps a bit on the story end. That said, I try not to pry.

On a more fun note: I'm a cat person with two gorgeous cats that are about 8 months old. Anything cat related will most likely be appreciated <3
~ Roleplay Information ~
My writing style is 3+ paragraphs. Though, at the moment, I'm not really able to do novella. I can here and there but I've found that sometimes it leaves me a bit drained seeing an enormous post that I have to, in turn, have to respond to. On the reverse end, one or two paragraphs are also difficult as they don't always provide much to work with.

I adore romance but at the same time, I see it as icing on a cake. There are a few exceptions (i.e. a story specifically set to romance) but most cases, I like to let my characters grow, develop slow-burn romances (or not). I don't force a pairing just because. I also only write m/f romance relationships.

That said: I adore friendship relationships. There is something to be said about a very strong relationship that is not focused on romance. F/f is probably my favorite in this regard but that's mostly due to the fact a lot of my main characters are female. Any pairing for this is welcome though.

I can write either gender and fully open to doubling, secondaries, NPCs, or other minor characters.
That said, I find the majority of my main characters are female.
Hard Limits
I'm fairly open in general but I do have a few hard limits when it comes to writing and/or partners:
[*] Please be 18+. I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with minors. 21+ is better but not required.
[*] I only write m/f romance
[*] I will not write erotica. I do fade-to-black. THOUGH we are adults and referencing adult content is not something I have an issue with (and might, unless it is a limit of yours). I just don't want anything explicit.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope your day is amazing ~

Rave Reviews

Our rp is relatively new, but I am completely in love with it. I love getting responses from Creative because each post moves the story forward. Valentina has such depth to her. It's like she's alive. The rp full of details, and Creative is always running ideas by me that can be incorporated later in our story. OOC, Creative is really enjoyable to talk to and very kind and understanding. I hope to enjoy a long time rping with this incredible person. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - ilovedogs260
This person is very talented and respectful roleplay partner. It is very fun to roleplay and chats with them as they always have nice and interesting things to say, not only about roleplay but in general. If you want a truly committed and respectful partner CreativeImagining is the person you should contact - Thea588

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