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~ About Me ~

I'm an individual in my early thirties who enjoys writing, roleplaying, creative aspects (when my brain is working), reading, and my cats. I'm friendly and don't mind OOC but I'm also reserved and private to some extent.

~ Roleplay Information ~

I feel roleplaying should be stressless and something that those involved find enjoyable. I like to discuss with potential partners (and current) to make sure that what we are playing is something they'll enjoy as well.

Below are a few aspects about me and my style, limits, and a bit of a summary of what I do:
  • Writing Style:
    3+ paragraphs. I don't really enjoy roleplaying with less as it can be difficult responding to. At the same end, novella-length posts are a bit difficult for me at this time. Some days they are very overwhelming.
    I don't guarantee daily posts but I do try to get out at least one (most of the time more) per week. I write third person as default but can do first if need be.
    A writing sample can be provided upon request.
  • Relationships:
    I'm currently only looking for platonic or family-related relationships. I'm not really seeking any romance at this time.
  • Characters:
    I've found most of my main characters are generally female. I can and do write other genders but mostly those would be secondaries, minor, or NPCs. I also do a range when it comes to character ages.

~ Hard Limits ~

I'm fairly open in general but I do have a few hard limits when it comes to writing and/or partners:
  • Please be 18+. I don't feel comfortable roleplaying with minors. 21+ is better but not required.
  • When I do romance, I'm only comfortable with m/f romance.
  • I will not write erotica. I do fade-to-black only. As adults, I don't mind adult content referenced as long as it isn't explicitly written out. Some of my own stories might be darker themed.

Thank you for reading through my profile.
Have a wonderful day ~

Rave Reviews

I cannot express how great this person is! Couldn’t recommend them enough to RP with, they bring unique and interesting ideas to the table while maintaining an understanding that life goes on outside of RP. Their characters are so well thought through and they bring them to life with their wonderful posts! Seriously, check them out! (: Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - tiredandconfused
Randomly coming across Gabriela's page, I was drawn in by the depth of her story being a foster teenager! Please give her page a read and if you are in an rp with her, it must be good! The page is well put together and brings Gsbriela to
Life! - Deumeawyn

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