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Hi ~
~ About Me ~
I'm a full-time working adult who likes to write and roleplay as a hobby.
I've been writing since I was young; roleplaying a bit less than that.

My writing style is 3+ paragraphs. I find that a paragraph or two makes it difficult for me to keep a story going and expanding on it so I don't really enjoy anything less than 3. I will not even consider a roleplay with one-liners.

I adore romance but at the same time I see it as icing on a cake. With a few exceptions, I think it works wonderfully with an indepth story but is it a bit much by itself. I also try not to force my characters (as they all have a mind of their own XD ). On that: I also only write m/f romance and I fade to black.

Character-wise, though I write both genders, I find most of my main characters are female. I am fully open to doubling, secondaries, NPCs, or other minor characters in a story.
I'm a fairly private individual so I am always hesitant to pry into other people's lives.
If you are open to OOC, I do enjoy it and feel it helps (puts a personality behind the writer).
I don't require it though
Current Status
I might be open to discussing new roleplays depending on the scene, genre, and the story.
Most of my characters that I play are usually custom made for a story but feel free to ask about the ones currently made.
If one of them is of interest or you want to discuss possibly doing a roleplay, please feel free to send me a PM.

Thank you for stopping by.
I hope your day is amazing ~

Rave Reviews

This person is wonderful! They are sweet and kind and they make you feel so proud of yourself. :D Their writing skills as well makes you want to be like them. I wish I was as good as they are! :) if you want a friend, here is someone that you would love to have as a friend! I already love them as a friend! :3 - Fayra
Randomly coming across Gabriela’s page, I was drawn in by the depth of her story being a foster teenager! Please give her page a read and if you are in an rp with her, it must be good! The page is well put together and brings Gsbriela to
Life! - Deumeawyn

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