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Thank you for stopping by and reading my profile page.

I'm currently looking for one or two long-term writing partner who is literate, writes multiple paragraphs, and is over 18 (21+ preferred).

I can RP on discord or here (via DM).

I'm friendly so please feel free to drop a note or question.

Rave Reviews

This person is very talented and respectful roleplay partner. It is very fun to roleplay and chats with them as they always have nice and interesting things to say, not only about roleplay but in general. If you want a truly committed and respectful partner CreativeImagining is the person you should contact - Thea588
This person is wonderful! They are sweet and kind and they make you feel so proud of yourself. :D Their writing skills as well makes you want to be like them. I wish I was as good as they are! :) if you want a friend, here is someone that you would love to have as a friend! I already love them as a friend! :3 - Fayra

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