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Gender: Female
Birthday: May 22

Gemini - Wolf - Elf

Status: Bored but fine

Here Is A Video To Make Your Brain Hurt:

Favorite phrases of mine:
"Stars can't shine without darkness."
"Yeet or be yeeted, simple."
"Life is way too short to be a grump."
"A real friend is one who will walk in when the rest of the world walks out."
"Respect me and I'll respect you."

Roleplay Ideas That I'm Obsessed With Right Now:
~Ships~ (Example: Luz x Amity)

Talk to me about an idea and we can do it!

Nicknames you can call me:
Kittie, Rayne, Luna, Moon, Creepy, My real name (I have to know you for a while), Call me anything as long as you ask first

Don't be mean to me.
I'm here to talk, so shoot me a message.
LGBTQ+ is welcome here!
I'm so sorry if I don't reply immediately, it's probably because I'm kinda busy.
Always be safe!

~Show Fandoms that I'd be interested in RPing for~

My Hero Academia
The Owl House
Miraculous Ladybug
KAW (Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts)
OTH (One Tree Hill)
DEH (Dear Evan Hansen)

~Game Fandoms I'd be interested in Rping for~

~Other Random Fandoms I'd be interested in Rping for~
Sander Sides
Sans AUs

~Shipping Dynamics I'd be interested in Rping~

Loud, Outgoing, Preppy x Quiet, Introverted, Nerd
Good Heart x Bad Influence
Childhood Friends
Socially challenged but trying their best x Awkward ball of sunshine
Pure, naive baby x Jaded baby who wants to protect them
Forbidden lovers
Rival x Rival
Has darkside x loves them anyway
Has darkside x turns dark too
Emo x Prince
Goth x Cutesy/pastel

(I will try to Rp anything you want, I'm so sorry if I don't get the character right, it's possibly because it might be a game, movie, or show I've never played or seen.)

Will do: Fluff, MxM, MxF, FxF, Fantasy, Romance
No: Slice of Life
Heck no: 18+ & Sex Scenes or anything like that! (I'm only 13, please respect that)

Who am I from My Hero Academia?: Izuku Midoriya-
You're both determined to make your dreams reality and are willing to risk everything to get what you want. Although you do have one exception: you don't do anything underhanded to get from point a to point b. Your determination and drive is unparalleled and you inspire others to try their best and be like you.

Who am I in the Supernatural universe: I'm Dean Winchester!
Strong and quick on your feet, nothing takes you by surprise. You anticipate all of the possible outcomes and know how you to react before anything even happens!


Which of my own characters am I most like?: I'm probably mostly like Fox but I'm a mix of all my characters

What is my spirit animal? Deer.

Rave Reviews

Just started a rp with her and its been going great! Very fun to work with. Creative ideas Fast responses - Reyrecords
MORE KUDOS! This girl is amazing at rping,she has great characters and she is wonderful at character development. I love their personality,especially Dream,he's sooo cute. I wish I could check even more boxes,because she deserves every box to be checked. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - JetStorm

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