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Gender: Female
Birthday: May 22 (Please don't mind the birthday under my username, I put the wrong month and I still haven't figured out how to change it TwT)

Hello Stranger who has stumbled upon my profile!

Here Is A Video To Make Your Brain Hurt:

Roleplay Ideas That I'm Obsessed With Right Now:
Some examples are: Julie x Luke, Luz x Amity, Catra x Adora, etc.

Talk to me about an idea first and maybe we can do it.

Nicknames you can call me:
Kittie, Rayne, Luna, Moon, Creepy, My real name (I have to know you for a while), Call me anything as long as you ask first

~Shows that I'd be interested in RPing for~

My Hero Academia
The Owl House
Miraculous Ladybug
KAW (Kipo and the Age of Wonders Beasts)
OTH (One Tree Hill)
She Ra and the Princesses of Power
Fruits Basket (2019)
Julie and the Phantoms

~Game Fandoms I'd be interested in Rping for~

~Other Random Fandoms I'd be interested in Rping for~
Sander Sides
Sans AUs

~Shipping Dynamics I'd be interested in Rping~

Loud, Outgoing, Preppy x Quiet, Introverted, Nerd
Good Heart x Bad Influence
Childhood Friends
Hard Headed but only soft for Outgoing x Outgoing but only shy for Hard Headed
Forbidden lovers
Rival x Rival
Has darkside x loves them anyway
Has darkside x turns dark too
Emo x Prince
Goth x Cutesy

(I will try to Rp anything you want, I'm so sorry if I don't get the character right, it's possibly because it might be a game, movie, or show I've never played or seen.)

Will do: Lgbtq+, Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life
Heck no: 18+ & Sex Scenes or anything like that! (I'm only 13, please respect that)

I will probably do some ideas as long as you talk to me about them first!

Who am I from My Hero Academia?: Shoto Todoroki
Your superhero twin is none other than the amazing Shoto Todoroki. You both tend to run hot and cold, him with his powers, you with your mood. While he struggles to understand how powerful he is by using both his abilities to harness hot and cold, you tend to struggle with keeping your emotions at bay when trouble arises. Although many may be turned off by this, your friends love that you are so passionate about what you believe in. Just remember to take a few cleansing breaths and everything will be okay!

Which of my own characters am I most like?: I'm a mix of all my characters

What is my spirit animal? Deer.

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Rave Reviews

This girl is awesome! I love talking and rping with her! She's the best person to talk and/or rp with. I've rped a lot with her, and I always find myself waiting for the next awesome post! I have a great time rping with her! I enjoy our plots!

Kudos! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Icysoul
Just started a rp with her and its been going great! Very fun to work with. Creative ideas Fast responses - Reyrecords

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