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STATUS- Kindaaaa active (currently moving from my apartment so things are kinda hectic but will still try to reply daily) !

Heyo! I had a break from RPR due to family issues and mental health issues in general. I am back and back with a vengeance hehehe. Some of my charachters are getting changed up on my profile and my OC's are getting more information added to them but apart from that nothing else will change I left a few RPs suddenly without much warning and am very sorry for that guys but if you want to continue a specific RP just PM! I had some awesome ones going and am really sad some of them ended. <3

Any way dudes that is all and you can read all my info below

Hi I'm Crimson Ryder. You can call me Crimson, Sunny or Robyn to name a few of my favourites

Rules ( dun dun dun)

- If we are doing short RP (sentence to a paragraph long ) I will usually match your pace in replies. Usually I will reply no less the everyday.

- we are doing a longer RP (a paragraph plus) I will try to answer daily but please don’t get upset if it takes me 2-3 day.

- if we are doing a short term RP tell me please, I prefer it to do OOC chat but if it is short term this is not necessary

- if there are any questions at all pleas ask me, especially if it something about the plot or my characters. It saves a hell of a lot confusion as well as makes the RP enjoyable for both parties

- If you have a preference in writing styles, please let me know. I usually write a paragraph or more but if your more of a one-loner type of person just drop that in and vice versa. I am very flexible with my writing and can change it up based on who I’m RPing with

- Don’t take anything to heart! I like constructive criticism and if I think you could improve in a certain way then I will bring it up. This is not to say I will be mean or unkind about a subject but just as if your unhappy with something you should bring it up too!

- I will bump after 3 days of being unanswered.

-if after a week you haven’t answered the chat will be deleted unless given a cause not to be.

- just say if you aren’t enjoying an RP anymore!
So just saying because it's actually so common but...If you don't like the RP we are doing tElL mE!

I don't care. I just hate having dead RP'S filling up my PM's but I'm scared to delete them in case they miraculously answer and I've forgot the plot. If I don't like the RP I will just outright tell you. So please do the same...

I'm sorry if i sound rude, it's just a PET PEEVE of mine

I'm just a cinnamon roll, I swear

so,,,,ya they are all my rules :)

My characters

Nesrin - Active!

Eden - Under Construction >:/

Makayla - Under Construction >:/

Lilliana - Under Construction >:/

So some stuff i like.. Well...


Sweeney Todd:Demon Barber or Fleet Street
Any Marvel movie lol
Boheimian Rhaspody
Lord of the rings
The Drk night
Suicide Squad
Harry Potter movies

Tokyo Ghoul
Attack on Titan
Death Note
Killing Stalking(even though i've only read the manga lol)
Blue Exocist
(and many more i just cant think right now)

Les Mis
Hamilton(been to see it twice now lol)
Spring Awakening
Dear Evan Hansen
Be More Chill

Other Miscellaneous things

American Horror Story
Adventure Time
Freddie Mercury
Game of Thrones

So basically I'm a childish nerdy weeb. i also do track, swimming and netball. Im from the UK as well so sorry if my timings are a bit off however i am a bit of a nightowl kekek.

Thanks for reading about me and I hope it wasn’t too tiresome, I’m bad at endings so ✌️

Rave Reviews

Fabulous. Fabulous! And fabulous again! They are so awesome and I really look up to them! They are kind and understanding. I swear, they are such a gentle and beautiful soul! :) <3 keep being fabulous! - FallingSTARISH
They are super sweet and nice! I respect them a lot and I hope that we become god friend! <3 :) I’ve started a RP with her and I already know it’ll be great. :3 keep being awesome! - FallingSTARISH

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