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Hello, Cris here

I only have one character so far that I am looking to play with. I like to think of myself as a competent writer, but of course, there is always room for improvement. I am 23, a libra, and an all-around creative, there isn't any medium I've tried so far I haven't enjoyed. But enough about me, let's get to who I am as an author. I enjoy writing fantasy mostly, and I am looking to write something original. I have almost a decades worth of consistent rp experience, but I will delve deeper into that later. I absolutely love writing romance, but only in tandem with a greater genre like mystery, the afore mention fantasy, or historical. Those are at least my strong suits. I am open to writing just about anything though as long as there is romance involved.

My Experience: As I said I have almost a decade under my belt. However the last six years I have been in university and have only been writing with one person, who as you could imagine became a close personal friend. Before that when I started RP, I was writing mainly on two Harry Potter RP sites and later was admin of one for a year or two. I was actually recruited from when an independent work I had been working on caught the eye of the original admin of one of the sites I ended up writing for. I have been able to keep up with posting once per
story thread every five to nine days consistently for these past six years across about eight different story threads. I don't know what my rate of updates is becaus eI'm bad at math but feel free to calculate. This being said, the majority of my experience is fanfiction based, but I write original works on my own. I am most comfortable with fantasy romance or paranormal romance.

What I am looking for: I prefer to work one on one if possible, it has been years since I've written in a group but I'm not opposed to it as long as plot is discussed beforehand. For now, I want to write a female x male based romance or MxM as I'm up to my ears in lesbian romance with my other writing. That is actually why I'm joining this website, I feel like I need some experience writing with other people. I've played many, many males, and many many wlw. I would prefer to write with someone my own age or older, but this is negotiable. I do not feel comfortable however writing something romantic with ANYONE UNDER EIGHTEEN. I'm willing to write some spicy content if the story calls for it, but I am not willing to break the rules of the site. If you do choose to write with me, the experience will be very personal. I love plotting and can spend hours just going over ideas and designing characters. Don't worry though, I'm easy to get along with.

My Style: I tend to write longer posts (500-800 wordsish), that is just how I developed as an rper. Like I said , I don't have much experience writing with a large pool of writers, so I apologize in advance if my style doesnt jive with yours. I am willing to learn though and would be more than happy to work within constraints and accommodate whoever I end up writing with. I can promise at least one post a week to begin with, if you can as well.

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