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A general RPer that enjoys a multitude of settings. Getting back into the swing of things due to an itch and boredom. Working on a multitude of ideas and projects including my own tabletop game and novels.

Rave Reviews

To say the man behind the characters is kindness and warmth personified is an understatement. He is a treasure, a gem, offering his richly crafted characters for all of us to savor. He has not only endured walls of posts from myself, he's mirrored them artfully. For those of you that haven't experienced the joy of writing alongside Brad, then please, do yourself a favor and correct that error. - Carebear
There are few people that are as genuinely kind as this guy right here. Seriously. I've only recently begun talking and rping with him again and my biggest regret is that I didn't do so sooner. If you haven't rped with him please do so! His posts are gorgeous and his boys are all so perfectly crafted. Between the wonderful rp and the great person behind the characters you really are missing out if you haven't played with him. - Catie

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