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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: May 21

||❤︎Crynn ❤︎||

Right now I'm completely unmotivated to roleplay of any sorts, I haven't been doing well mentally so if you need me I'll reply as soon as I can ❤︎

Though If I haven't responded in a while, please pm me! I never mean to ghost someone.

'Ello Peeps! I'm Crynn. (Or Jade, Either is fine by me.)I've been roleplaying for around three-ish years now, starting on a game called World Of Warcraft. I'm a self-taught writer of sorts, I'm in love with anything involving English, And it's what I plan to Major in after I graduate high school.


My Favourite Genres out of the bunch are probably, Modern, Fantasy, and historical. I'm really no good at anything futuristic like Sci-Fi. Though recently I've been dabbling in horror writing in my free time. Though I have an absolute passion for Romance, I love anything cheesy. Also something else. I'm a mirror paragrapher, if you write one paragraph, I'll put as much effort as you do.

Roleplaying Rules and Styles

Of course like anything it's important to have rules to make things fun for everyone. I don't have very many but please try your best to follow them! (i love you.)
    Please give me something to work with, At least a Paragraph.

    Only third person, please!


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