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Hey! Ya'll can call me CD.

I'm mostly here to store my character sheets. The important stuff's already laid out, but the hard part is finding and scaling all those pretty GIFs. That said, a lot of them are still a work-in-progress, but they're getting there!

I love to plot. Shoot me your ideas! Even if I'm not readily available to RP, let's talk about our characters.

Anyways, take anything on here with a grain of salt. I like to update frequently!




OOC, IC, Sheets

IC / = / OOC. Please don't confuse me with my terrible brainchildren. I promise I'm not that mean.

IC actions = IC consequences. I'd be happy to try and work something out with you as long as it stays in-character!

I always read my partners' character sheets and preferences before I play. Please do the same for me.

Settings, Rules, Length

My favourite genres are fantasy and horror, but I can't write without a splash of comedy somewhere in there. If I'm not making you smile, I ain't doing it right.

I won't kill your character, rip off their limbs, or inflict any permanent damage without your consent, and I expect the same courtesy to be applied to me.

I write in 3rd person, anywhere from 3 paragraphs to 1 page. Oftentimes I bounce between post length.

Sexuality, Violence, Profanity

Tasteful nudity is fine, but insanely detailed paragraphs describing someone's private parts are not. I don't write smut or fetishes. In fact, I might end up turning you off instead.

Blood? Gore? Not a problem. I'm totally down to get dark and dirty. So long as it remains tasteful and doesn’t stray into sexual violence such as rape, I can take it.

I don’t mind strong language at all. My only real gripe would be using real-world sexual and racial slurs, but even then I’m willing to tolerate it if it’s in-character.

CrystalDisc's Characters

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Rave Reviews

CD is an amazing writer and storyteller! They had no trouble keeping up with my character and my frequent updates and my wonky schedule! They're a beautiful story teller and their characters are some of the best I've seen. I feel extremely lucky to have found them!

They also have the snazziest profiles I've ever seen. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Eniiko
CD is an incredible writer. Not just for her well-crafted and GOOD GOOD prose, but for her in-depth character development and amazing world building, too! Her boys and girls are tragic, funny, and occasionally VERY dunkable, plus her monster-filled universe makes an amazing sandbox to play in. 💕

Basically, all y'all should give this lady some love, and probably a book deal. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - RPJEANS

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