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I am CubicBoron/Cubes, a former avid roleplayer who is attempting to get back into the scene.
I started roleplay around 13 years ago but it took a few years to get to into serious forum roleplay. I haven't roleplayed seriously in two or three years, but I have continued writing so hopefully my skills are still somewhat up to par.
I hope to make friends in the community here on RPR and get back into long-term multi-paragraph roleplay - aside from the odd storyline here and there with my closest friends, who I actually started my roleplay experience with.
Two interesting facts for fun: I own 7 pets, and I once participated in a 3 year long roleplay with one person.
Feel free to message me, and I'll try to be active, although uni is kicking my butt a little bit. I love a good plot with chance for worldbuilding!

Currently looking for: intergalactic/sci-fi plots with room for worldbuilding, literate with ~1-2 paragraphs on average.

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