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Hello, lovelies! Make yourself comfortable here and don't be afraid to message me. You can talk to me more at DustyDaze on Telegram or Dusty_Daze on Kik. (Until it gets deleted on the 19th)

My name is Dustin and I'm a 19yo, Wiccan, digital artist in AZ, USA

In RP: I'm looking for a semi-lit to literate partner who doesn't mind a couple of paragraphs each response. I prefer somebody who is 18+ mostly just because of the experience or if there will be NSFW themes involved. I'm only interested in an MxM RP and I won't make exceptions. As a gay man, this is the only type of RP I am comfortable doing and I ask you to respect that. When it comes to plot and story, I like to work that out with my partner and come to an agreement rather than go in with certain plots in mind. I also love to get to know my partner a bit more, so I'll tell you some things about myself!

About me: Some of my interests are D&D, teratology, cryptozoology, video games, plants and succulents, resin projects like custom dice making, horror/body horror, aesthetics, and a number of many other things. I live on a farm where I take care of numerous animals and I truly love the lifestyle. My favorite season is Fall because of the weather and Halloween. My favorite subject in school was science, biology to be exact. I've been Roleplaying something of six years now, but my grammar and spelling aren't always perfect, so please be lenient with me! I look forward to hearing from anybody interested.

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