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  • Gender: Female

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Current Status:Sorry for disappearing! Currently New South Wales Australia is in a catastrophic fire level, with wild fires spreading with dangerous winds and temps near 38'C Until the fires are under control I will not be online as much or replying to RP.

Slow replies, if I haven't replied in 2 days to the RP I have read it while on my phone and forgot to reply back on my pc so don't be scared to send me a message to remind me!

Commission open! Click for forum link! <3

Ask my oc's questions!
Feel free to look at my characters anything is up for RP just send me a message.
If your looking for art please message me too! All pictures are drawn by me unless stated otherwise.

Here are some random RP ideas I want to do just keeping them noted here, if any interest you please do send me a message!

Rave Reviews

  • Oh man, where to begin? When we RP she really puts in the effort in every post! She has her character interact, be affected and influenced by my replies! And if she's not doing that, she can take control of side-characters I introduce and play them out fantastically!...
    -- TheTwilightWarrior

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