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I am a casual roleplayer and novice artist. I am not new to the site, though my previous account I lost the information for it, including which e-mail I used at the time. It's been a long time since I've been here. But I'm hoping to start all over and build back up from scratch. That said, I'll list a few things about myself, including the specifics in regards to roleplay style and preferences.

Real Life:
Pronouns: She/Her (I'm also comfortable with They/Them)
Work: Saturday-Tuesday 8am to 4pm (GMT -5)
Occupation: Fast food place
Relationship: Single - Not interested
Hobbies: Roleplay, reading, writing and doodling
Games: Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Dragon Quest
Pets: Three cats and a dog
Ailments: I suffer mild to severe bouts of insomnia, depression and severe anxiety.

Tit for Tat: I know my profile is mostly black with white text and a few different colors. This is done on purpose. I can't stand bright profiles simply because it hurts to look at them for more than a minute. Yes, I have light sensitivity in both eyes, and I can get headaches or migraines as a result. It's the reason I have dark mode on if it's applicable. Aside from that, my avatar is that of a dark rainbow sugar skull. I have a fondness for skulls and dark themes with rainbows as contrast. Feel free to call me weird. Everyone in my family is for one reason or another. *Laughs* Anyway, my roleplay style and preferences are listed below.

Roleplay Info:
Active Roleplays (PMs): 12
RPs On Hold (PMs): 4
Group RPs: 3
Genres: Horror | Fiction | Drama | Action | Fantasy | Dystopian | Gory
Settings: Modern | Sci-Fi | Historic (to a degree) | Fantasy
Post Length: At least three or more paragraphs with an abundance of details.
Characters: Original designs by the players.
Multiple Characters: Yes.
NPC Characters: Sure.
Communication: Absolute must.
Relationships: Discussion is a must as I can be flexible for the story.
Preferences: I am comfortable playing any gender role. If you wish for something specific, tell me.
Fade To Black: Never. I prefer the scene's details. Just as long as it doesn't take over the story itself.

Groups: Yes, I'm open to joining one if invited. I am also willing to make one to house OCs in for posts since PM is so limited.

Notes: Effort will be put into each post. I expect the same in return. If you should lose interest, tell me. We can either rework the RP or mutually drop it altogether. If something comes up, let me know. Furthermore, I enjoy a roleplay best if it's geared toward story-building with plenty of details to work with. World-building is a passion of mine. So, build with me. :)

**Fun fact: If none of my current characters interest you, then tell me what you're looking for. Depending on the idea, I might be willing to tailor an OC toward your idea. But you'll have to be very specific about the details, including but not limited to: setting, genre, era (if not fantasy) and such.

Rave Reviews

Cynical, she makes me a better writer. She puts so much detail, thought and care into each and every post that I have stretched myself to compliment her, which has made me better.
I could have a hundred stories going with her and each one would be new, refreshing, and completely different than anything before.
I'm holding on to this one with both hands. Long posts Long-term partner - Eros_Calls
As I was looking through Cynical's list of characters, I became very impressed with the amount of hard work that went into them. They give just enough info without overdoing anything. All of the bios are very well done, colorful and very pleasing to the eye. Even the characters themselves seem 3 dimensional and I haven't even Role-Played with any of them. I just had to give Kudos to you Cynical. Great job on you're characters! I hope this Kudos I give you make more people want to RP with you. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Ultra-Knight

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