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| She/Her | Single/Uninterested | Roleplayer | Casual Gamer |
Brief info about me
Timezone - GMT -5
Work - 8am-4pm (currently)
Occupation - Food service
Ailments - Severe anxiety | Severe Depression | Insomnia | OCD
Please do not randomly add me. If we're in an RP together, then I'll understand. Simple communication is a good thing. But please refrain from adding me without even talking to me first.
Roleplay Info
1 - I am an adult. Please be at least 21 or older.
2 - I am not my character, they are not me.
3 - Communication is a requirement.
4 - Mutual respect is a must.
5 - I post anywhere between 3-8 paragraphs on average.
6 - My posts are namely done in third person.
7 - I either bold or color dialogue in my posts.
8 - I do not fade to black.
9 - Leave the OOC drama at the door.
10 - I am comfortable with ANY gender role.
11 - My OCs are mostly non-exclusive. Meaning I will play with others.
12 - If you want exclusivity, I will create an OC for you to play with.
13 - Ghosting. If you've lost interest, speak up. If not, the RP will be dropped after a month of no communication.
**If I think of anything more, it'll be added later.**

Rave Reviews

Cynical is one of those next level novella writers. I'm not completely sure, but I'm pretty sure she may be the secret love child of J.R.R. Tolkien and Anne Rice. If you are looking for a great book to read, write with Cynical. You will have one! Maybe two! Also she communicates OOC about the story as you go. She lets you know what she likes and does not like so it does not become a hinderance to the story. She is flexible with starting stories and helpful in setting quality plots! <3 Wonderful writer Long-term partner - -Danny-
As I was looking through Cynical's list of characters, I became very impressed with the amount of hard work that went into them. They give just enough info without overdoing anything. All of the bios are very well done, colorful and very pleasing to the eye. Even the characters themselves seem 3 dimensional and I haven't even Role-Played with any of them. I just had to give Kudos to you Cynical. Great job on you're characters! I hope this Kudos I give you make more people want to RP with you. :) Creative ideas Wonderful writer - -Knight-

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