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Hail traveler,

Welcome to my little section of the world. I am a veteran role player. I have come and gone across multiple role play sites and have now settled on RPR as my current home. I enjoy a wide variety of genres and will dabble in any that catches my interest. With that said science fiction is my all time favorite, I love anything that involves spaceships and other worlds.

As a writer I prefer the 3rd person perspective. I typically write anywhere from 2-5 paragraphs, sometimes longer. Response times vary, and can range from every other day to a couple times a week.

Favored Universes

Warhammer 40,000
Star Wars

Fenrys Hjolda!

Rave Reviews

Cyrotronix is an amazing guy. His writing is phenomenal. Even though we don't have much going on at the moment due to outside reasons, I still adore and appreciate our stories. He really knows how to drive a story, his posts are always incredible to read, and he's great at building a plot. If you get the opportunity to write with him, I urge you not to pass it over. He won't disappoint. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Hadeslicious
It's been almost a year of working together on various writing projects and I could not possibly find enough words to convey how much fun we have together. You have become a dear friend and the stories we craft together hold a special place in my soul. May we share more of the same for many years to come!

To those who are seeking a partner, you could not find a better crafter of ideas: Characters with weight, grounded in reality and situations that feel as complex as real life. - Aine

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