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Hail, traveler!

I love adventure, be it through the stories woven together with other writers or those I undertake within the real world. When it comes to writing, I've been RPing for many years with a couple of breaks in between. I'm most active in the winter, as the warmer months are often spent on the back of my motorcycle or camping in the woods. I'm a novice traveller, spreading my wings and reaching new destinations on two wheels. Aside from my riding and outdoor activities, I have a busy life with work and family and it limits my available time for writing, I try my best to respond at least once a week and sometimes it can even be more often.

As for my writing style and what I enjoy to write, I consider myself to be quite versatile. I write in the 3rd person and my posts are para / novella, usually ranging in three to five paragraphs, but they can reach many more. I enjoy all sorts of RP genres, science fiction is my favorite, but I enjoy fantasy too. I do dabble in modern RPs as well, although not as often, and they are pretty much guaranteed to have motorcycles in them (I might have a slight obsession).

Other little details, I am friendly to OOC chatter and am willing to talk via Discord or through messages here. I prefer to RP here on the site, but have been known to engage on Discord from time to time as well. I am very difficult to offend, and consider myself ghost friendly. I would appreciate a little message if you wish to end an RP, I’ll never pester you about it, just wish you well. I’m also okay with long absences. Need a break for a few months but when you come back you’d like to continue? Just shoot me a message!

Feel free to hit me up anytime, I might not always be available for a new scene, but I am always open to making new friends.

Black Hills, South Dakota 2021

Rave Reviews

Just the greatest guy. Honestly. Between our RP and our OOC, he's a wonderful. Cryo's attention to detail, focus on character relationships, and beautiful writing is a blessing. He's a wonderful, understanding individual who I have been lucky to have as an RP partner! You're the best, ya big lug! <3 - honeyandthemoon
An excellent writer with an awesome quality and integrity. His characters are incredibly detailed and irresistibly interesting. Cyrotronix is also extremely friendly and fun to talk with. I'm thankful for the friendship we have and the roleplay we are writing. - Hades_

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