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Struggling artist, sarcastic heathen, metal head, and gamer who is trying to make it in this big fish bowl. I'm outrageous, I'm unique, and I'm true to myself. Not giving a **** with the windows down and the system up.

kIGLdxY.pngRenjikita || kIGLdxY.png Tariq Nadhir

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This wonderful person I have known for years upon years. An amazing artist and a wonderful friend. No matter how long we go without talking we always seem to end up picking up where we left off and it's amazing! If you haven't had the pleasure of rping with one of her brain-children I advise you do so now! - Tiufel
Renjikita (played by DEVILRY)
This stunning hunk of a cat-man has made the migration from Shipwreck Cove to The Golden Tether seamlessly. His origins are wrapped in mystery and despite his tribal appearances is rather civilized and quite the peace of eye-candy. I am eager to see how this character continues to grow and change and if you haven't had the pleasure of character interactions, go for it! - Tiufel

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