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I use he/they pronouns and ask that you respect that!

Please do not PM me just saying 'hi' or 'hey' out of the blue! Specify what you need! I'm neurodivergent and just 'hi' makes me anxious!

Hi, I'm a random fool who likes to RP. I'm not too active on here, and mainly use this as a character vault/place to grab info from for Toyhouse, but I WOULD like to get back into RP..

Things I like to RP
Modern/urban fantasy (Seriously, I like, specialize in modern fantasy settings)
Plot-heavy RP
Magical Girl settings, especially ones where not everything is sugar and happiness

IMPORTANT: I will not RP 18+ situations and/or sexual scenes. Please don't ask me to.

I do not accept friend requests from random people! Also, if the only interaction we've had is like, one RP, please don't send me a friend request unless said RP has been going on for at least a few months.

Inquiring minds want to know why we too should befriend DaBoisBackHome!

Did you remember to explain why your friend is awesome?

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