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My name is Dade, however I also go by Rabbit or Bunny and you may call me whatever you prefer.
I go by any pronouns but prefer he / him.
I am a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, and Leo rising. Im also cis fem off internet so dw I'm not a nasty Pisces man. I'm also an ISFP ( Adventurer )
I've been writing for around eight years now and am currently in my senior year of high-school and will soon be going to college for EMT and Paramedic work. I'm from Minnesota.
I love Jim Henson films, the labyrinth, the Story Teller, MHA, documentaries, trip-hop and screamo.
So I started my roleplay journey with warrior cats, as I presume many of my age group did but thankfully I have outgrown that phase and haven't poorly written a cat since the tender age of about eleven I believe. Now I write humans, mostly men but sometimes females. I've been on a few sites, one I made on my own and was a hit for a few years but died after member inactivity. I tried Wattpad for two years and never, ever, want to return.

I range from writing about 3 paragraphs minimum to 12 maximum, do not worry, usually it will be around the 3-5 mark for an average reply. How often I respond depends on my motivation for the roleplay, I try to get one per day, but sometimes if I really like it, expect as many as five or more. I try not to go more than a week without responding but my mental health is on the fritz and I currently am in a bad housing situation, however, we still vibin.

I tend to write 1 x 1 romance, usually mlm HOWEVER I want to branch away from this! I still love it but I want to try group roleplays! I love mystery and slice of life! Anything dramatic and fun, count me in be it fantasy or modern. I love horror and psychological thrillers and my writing can turn dark such as gore and very twisted things, but I will ask in advance about if this is okay or not. I am a-okay with smut, just don't make that all we're doin please, that's what omegle is for ya horny fricks. Detail is a must! I love just chatting too and I occasionally draw my characters. I'd love to write with anyone who is interested, I'm here to make friends.

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