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Do not perceive me.

zac. 30. perpetually tired.
central time, he/him.

Henlo, this is a very simple profile because I like to save all the heavy writing for my roleplay. Some characters are located on the right, I answer Discord before anything else, and please be mindful of the rules. Thank.

rules of engagement

I. Please communicate. Mature adults - which are the only kind I RP with - should know how to do this. If you don't, please learn, it's healthy beyond just the world of the internet.

II. I do not roleplay with characters that do AUs, especially in the same community. I have no time for the guessing games as to who knows who based on what AU they're in.

III. I enjoy variety in my roleplay. I do like slice of life, I enjoy violence and horror, and adventure is my life blood. Romance and smut are to accompany story without being the focus. With that said, I rarely engage my characters in romance so heads-up in advance. :)

IV. Please don't waste my time. Even if you see my pixels online, that doesn't mean I'm necessarily available all day. If I've made time to RP, please respect that time.

i promise i'm nice. i'm just tired.

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Zac is WONDERFUL to write with. He's very funny and we seem to almost be twins, haha!! His replies are top notch and are very detailed, not to mention that you can really feel everything that his character is going through. So well thought out and descriptive as well as fun to talk to! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - ChocolateIceCream

Zac has been a loyal friend, a sweetheart, and a trouble maker to me. Between gossiping about the most inane things to joking around about characters and talking OTPs, he's always fun to talk to and be around. LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy! <3 - Damned

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