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Z a c | 28 | he/his | Daegu#9439 | twitter
the 🍑 to my 🌴

I'm terrible at introductions. My name is Zac but nearly everyone calls me Thack. Sometimes I forget my name isn't Thack. I roleplay only on Discord and RPR.

I have a lot of characters.

My availability varies by day and it's rare to get me for more than a couple of posts a day so please keep that in mind when plotting with me. I do try but IRL is busy.

I'm here to chill and RP. ✌️


Rave Reviews

I love this nerd. Nerd of the nerdiest. He's a great person, awesome to chat at-- though we haven't RPed nearly as much as we should have. Ever. Why is that? Dunno, but he's pretty A+. Don't over look this guy and his creativity. Even if he has 10billion characters. - Damned
I miss Zach. Can I just say that? He was always fun and friendly to talk to. I loved our roleplays, our plots, and our attempt to make NVPD better together. Keep it up man, I hope it goes well for you. And enjoy those roleplays that I know you're gonna rock. If you haven't yet? You need to roleplay with this guy! He's incredible! - Michonne

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