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Z a c | 28 | he/his | Daegu#9439 | twitter
the 🍑 to my 🌴

I'm terrible at introductions. My name is Zac but nearly everyone calls me Thack. Sometimes I forget my name isn't Thack. I roleplay only on Discord and RPR.

I have a lot of characters.

My availability varies by day and it's rare to get me for more than a couple of posts a day so please keep that in mind when plotting with me. I do try but IRL is busy.

I'm here to chill and RP. ✌️

Rave Reviews

A small part of me is glad that Daegu barely sleeps so we can scream about Animal Crossing and k-pop together at all hours of the day. He's so nice and friendly and creative. RPing with him and his characters are so much fun and easy too. His writing is inspiring and just makes my brain go wild with the desire to write. Fun to RP and even more fun to be friends with, I have nothing but nice things to say about him. Great sense of humor Creative ideas - MissPixie
Thack is such an incredibly fun person all around, I'm really happy to have connected with him. From his amazing cast of characters to all the fun RPs he's written, it's hard to not have fun writing with him. If you have a chance to get to RP with him, please take it as you won't regret it! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - MissPixie

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