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"'til morning comes; let's tessellate..."

Damien - 26 - Male - Pansexual - Taken
Aspiring Artist:

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One of the oldest friends I still keep close to my heart, never a question where or how I stand with her. We have been through some of the most serious stuff together and always come out stronger of not a bit frayed around the edges. She has always had a special spot in my heart and always will, forever. Don't get me started about how creative and talented is. I don't have the space for it! I love ya, girlie. - liquidchaos
Part 1

I've seen this wonderful person blossom into someone I am content to say I've slowly gotten to know and the journey has only just begun. I've hung around Dani for the better part of a few months now and I can say I have grown fond of the person I see. From a distance, perhaps it is hard to see but every day I see more and more similarities between him and I. He's a light-hearted spaz and a lot of fun to be around. - Silverspeare

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