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About me:
Hmm... where to start. Well, I am an English roleplayer from Yorkshire, I have two lovely cats and an excitable dog. I love to draw and create my own stories that I take inspiration from many things that I read, watch or play about. Also, I am a sucka for vintage clothes and underrated Disney movies.

My Time Zone:
Since I live in England I live in the GMT time zone. This means that you aren't from England I might struggle with replying to Roleplays. This doesn't mean that I won't Rp with anyone that isn't in the Uk but I try my best to keep up.

Fandoms I will RP in:
I don't normally Rp in fandoms but if I do then I will do...
- Good Omens
- Doctor Who
-Prodigal Son
- Disney
- Possibly Warrior Cats

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