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🌜 ISFP | Bi | True Neutral 🌛

--None of the pictures used for character references belong to me, all credit goes to their former artists--

Hello everyone, nice to meet you! I'm DR, a twenty-year-old-something who's confused all the time. I'm here because I like writing and meeting with people that are as passionate. I'm also okay with any topic if you just want to talk!

In RPs I prefer:

※ Paragraphs
※ Detailed descriptions

Themes that I mainly do:

※ mxm
※ Romance

I can also do:

√ Romance [ For all gender pairings ]
√ Comedy
√ Mystery
√ Historical
√ Fantasy
√ Slice of Life
√ Horror
√ Smut
√ Adventure

Themes I won't do:

× Heavy Erotism [ Ask me for further info ]
× Post apocalyptic
× Heavy action
× Furry
× Fandom
× Gore
× War
× Steampunk

⚠ If I delay your messages, please know that school can get very busy for me sometimes and the reason is probably that or me being too tired to answer. I'll try to get back on you in a few days, if not in a week.

▶ My character profiles will sometimes look incomplete, that's because I have yet to add more information and need further construction. I'll try to focus on them when I have the time. If you need more explaining on a certain character, you can ask me anything via notes.

Thank you for reading!


ฅ◤•ω•◥ฅ And here's a square doggo for instant luck. Don't forget to pet him before you leave this profile!

Rave Reviews

Bro...I dunno what exactly to say about this goddamn beautiful person. They're eloquent, their characters are wonderfully developed, and they're positively overflowing with creative ideas and content. If a character doesn't fit? Boom, they make up a new one right on the spot. A scenario getting dry, or you don't know what to do next? Boom, the perfect idea sent right to your inbox. They're such a sweet person, and such a wonderful Rp partner, I'm very glad to have met them! - FandomsForDays
I genuinely cannot describe what it's like to roleplay with this person right here. They put so much thought into their responses and, my favorite, so. Much. Detail. How do you do it, that's my only question. Their characters are astonishing and beautiful with their flaws. Now, we haven't even gotten to a climactic scene yet... and I'm hooked. Every scene leaves me begging for more. I swear, if they ever write a book, I'll be the first reader. All in all, they're just amazing~<3

-Abbey - Nav_Kat

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