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IMPORTANT NOTE: If a character of mine was being rude to yours on the forum games I'm sorry!!! Most DR characters I like are cruel or antisocal and/or hate people! I promise I'm not that mean I'm sorry!!

"わたし できない できない できない子, 誰も助けてくれません, わたし 寂しい 寂しい 寂しい子, もしも時間を戻せたら 嗚呼, ラララ・・・" -Kikuo (song: Useless Child)

Hi! I'm Pufferfish. I'm a mini Gundham Tanaka. But actually, I'm a pretty sensitive person with only a few triggers and abandonment issues. I'm asexual, kinda childish, and I like a lot of things. But I also don't like or really hate some things. I mainly have online friends but I have 2 or 3 friends that I know irl. I go by Pufferfish because it's a nickname my old friends called me a long time ago. I might tell you my name if we're close enough. Oumota (Kaito Momota x Kokichi Ouma) !!!

names i go by:
-Almond Milk
-Olive Garden

things I like:
-soft things
-smooth things
-tasty things
-talking to people
-eating animals (ok but tasty)

things I don't like:
-bumpy things
-rough things
-when things aren't an even number
-when things go wrong
-mentions of g0re or just g0re itself

things I really really hate
-bad things
-being treated differently
-loud noises
-scary things
-medical horror
-body horror

things i'm really scared of

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He has such a good character plot and I love his character design Fast responses Long-term partner - OnlYBookworM
You owe it to yourself to try playing with this really fun puu! It’s not hard to see why—you’re dealing with someone really fun! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Xenoworlds_Inhabitan

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