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PFP: Berdly (Dark World) - Deltarune (Chapter 2)
"Guys, let's play Jenga but with a national monument!" -Ranboo
"It's never okay to douse yourself in a bunch of sauces and roll around like a pig in mud." -Ranboo
"'It's past your bedtime'? Well, it's past the time that I asked, okay?" -Ranboo
"I should go attack them like an enderman." -Ranboo
"Why don't they pronounce both the 'z's in pizza? I mean, they're both there." -Ranboo
"This is pain this is pain this is pain... I am in Spain without the s right now!" -Ranboo
"*Smack smack* PAN." -Ranboo
"*Heavily autotuned* I want the sausage rolls... To put then on a plaaaaate..." -Tubbo
"'Skeppy has a girlfriend'? Well, he just lost a subscriber and a twitter follower." -Tommyinnit
"Phil's not here 'cause he was getting married! What a simp!" -Technoblade
"It was never meant to be." -The_Eret
"If gods can bleed, gods can die." -Fundy
"You're my son!" -Ph1lzA

Hello everyone! I'm Almond Milk, or Almond. Because we all know Almond Milk might be too long. My name is Oliver, but please stick to Almond Milk or Almond as it's what I'm comfortable with when online friends are referring to me. I am your local canon!Ranboo and contentcreator!Ranboo enthusiast. If we're close you can call me Oliver, but if we're not then please don't. I'm pretty friendly, I think. I hope.

Here are some uh, bad habits I guess?

-I apologize a lot. To the point where it gets annoying.
-I was raised to put others's needs before my own, even if it means neglecting my mental/physical health.
-I immediately think someone hates me if I'm spoken to in a harsh tone.
-I can't say no to almost anything, but I will show signs of being uncomfortable.
-I'm VERY clingy.

I'm not really the best at keeping friends, but as I stated above, I am very clingy. I have trouble calling off an rp, but if it has content I am uncomfortable with, I will call it off. Here's a good idea of what I'm uncomfortable with.

-MxF romance. No idea why.
-Kitchen/Bathroom sinks.
-Detailed descriptions of cows. Yes, the animal.

Mainly because I'm scared of most of the things on the list. Have a nice day, everyone! Goodbye!

Rave Reviews

oOo. OkaY. So I've been rping with This wonderful being for a while now. From as much progress as I have with her, she's a very nice person. She can be weird sometimes- but that's fine. She's very funny. Makes me laugh all the time when I read the things she says. Pretty fast responses, and a long term friend. :D Wanted to give this human a thumbs up for just being herself. <3 Great sense of humor Fast responses - bxbyGreenbeann
He has such a good character plot and I love his character design Fast responses Long-term partner - OnlYBookworM

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