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"わたし できない できない できない子, 誰も助けてくれません, わたし 寂しい 寂しい 寂しい子, もしも時間を戻せたら 嗚呼, ラララ・・・" -Kikuo (song: Useless Child)

wow DanganRonpa is cool-

Mainly go by Kiibo, although I also go by Taka or Kaz - don't ask-

very shy and also has constant panic attacks

don't worry if I don't respond, I probably got distracted hun <3

Kiyotaka, Kazuichi and Kiibo kinnie

also enjoys Friday Night Funkin' but has never played it

I'm vibing-

Vocaloid is best music ok thanks

Asexual wow

love this song :

ok bye

Rave Reviews

You owe it to yourself to try playing with this really fun puu! It’s not hard to see why—you’re dealing with someone really fun! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - Xenoworlds_Inhabitan
oOo. OkaY. So I've been rping with This wonderful being for a while now. From as much progress as I have with her, she's a very nice person. She can be weird sometimes- but that's fine. She's very funny. Makes me laugh all the time when I read the things she says. Pretty fast responses, and a long term friend. :D Wanted to give this human a thumbs up for just being herself. <3 Great sense of humor Fast responses - bxbyGreenbeann

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