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PFP: Eddie Pickard (Guitarist of Infant Annihilator)
all images/gifs on my profile are Eddie Pickard!
hey, i'm oliver, but you can call me crow, almond, or peaches!
i'm single, but i don't date online.
i know there's not much on here, so if you wanna know anything about me, just ask!

Rave Reviews

oOo. OkaY. So I've been rping with This wonderful being for a while now. From as much progress as I have with her, she's a very nice person. She can be weird sometimes- but that's fine. She's very funny. Makes me laugh all the time when I read the things she says. Pretty fast responses, and a long term friend. :D Wanted to give this human a thumbs up for just being herself. <3 Great sense of humor Fast responses - bxbyGreenbeann
This person is amazing and really nice! how they have characters interact with eachother and with my characters is great. they are also really patient with my slow replys! 10/10, would rp with again :) Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Jay_Kapa

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