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I'd like to thank God for this gift of writing and the privilege of using this website and meeting such kind people here!

Hope you enjoy RPing with me :D

👁_________"You're Michael"_________👁

I believe kindness is essential, as well as looking after yourself. If you need to stop please tell me! I'd much rather know than possibly worry if you died. I do have religious OCD so please keep that in mind.

👁_________"That is a real name"__________👁

Rp Preferences/About Me

I am trying to get into more literate writing so I'd like someone who can write around the same length (semi-lit - literate). It is possible when things get dry I'll use a few lines instead of a paragraph.
I enjoy angst, light fluff, romance, fantasy, horror, etc. I don't do well with historically correct RPs and may get burnt out with medieval. Big fan of the Magnus Archives and The Penumbra Podcast along with FNAF and Resident Evil.

I'd love it if we could world-build and hold the same energy about our characters and RPs. I want you to come to me if you're excited about something and me to be able to do the same, this is a two-person game, after all.

If I've said something wrong please call me out on it.

Hard Nos

- ERP.
- Minor adult relationships - I'd also prefer if romance is in the RP, you are over the age of 18.
- Sexual abuse.

👁__________"No, I'm the Ceaseless Watcher's special boy"__________👁

Okay, that's all, have a good day!

Rave Reviews

Oh man-

Honestly, though, yes. Please RP with Dantelli, man! It's SO worth it, I cannot- Like, I get excited when I see their replies come in because they're very fun to read. Danitelli's characters are so fun and I love how they add a twist to common stereotypes for the characters! It makes them so much more interesting and fun to RP with!

Kudos, Dantelli! :D Great sense of humor Creative ideas - AliRevellian
Man...Where do I begin?

Dantelli is amazing to communicate with. They're funny, kind, thoughtful and over all amazing. Each roleplay post drags me further in and I just can't get enough of it.

You're seriously won't regret talking to them. They're an amazing roleplayer and friend. 1000/10 recommend. Great sense of humor Drives the plot forward - xSethx

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