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"I want to travel in a fantasy land while still having morals"
Not very good at rp but I sure attempt!original.gif

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╰┈➤ Hiii! How are you? Come in, have some tea.


【 About This 】

I've been RPing for awhile now, not on this site though. I mainly like fantasy, and everything in-between aside from NSFW and RPs without a basic outline.

I can work with one liners but also paragraphs but when my blood pressure nopes out sometimes I cannot deal the simplest of sentences so I apologise. I like when characters interact and worldbuilding in the rp.

I believe kindness is very important, as well as looking after yourself. If you need to stop please tell me! I'd much rather know than possibly worry if you died.

Okay, that's all, have a good day!


Rave Reviews

though I've only roleplayed with one of Dantelli's charas, roleplaying with her has been really fun so far. <3 Their character is quite interesting, in-depth, well thought out and perfectly executed. good job! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - raginghomomuffin

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